Blushed: Chanel Cream Blush (Presage)

The highly anticipated cream blushes from Chanel are here, and they do NOT disappoint. I got to play with the lot of them during a recent trip to Nordstrom, and it’s safe to say that there’s a little something for everyone.

I ended up with the peachy color called Presage. It’s the most universally flattering color of the selection, I think. There’s also a deep pink (Fantastic), a cool blue-toned pink (Affinite), and a warm pink (Revelation) that I want. One of the blushes, Destiny, is not much of a blush at all. It’s more like a bronzer for fair skinned beauties. In fact, it completely disappears on my skin… I dare say I could even wear it as foundation.
The fantastic thing about these blushes is, although they are labeled ‘cream’ — they are more like a solid mousse texture. They move like a cream on the skin, but blend down to a matte finish. There is no oil… no slick… no shine to speak of. So oily skinned beauties can apply this blush with confidence, and not worry about it looking like they applied lip gloss as a blush color
I find this color works best when applied with fingers, or a dense synthetic brush. You can certainly use a fluffier brush to diffuse the color, but these colors are initially sheer. They build with intensity as you layer them. So you can make the color as saturated as you wish.

This color is so flattering on my warm skintone… it literally makes my skin ‘glow.’ I love it. I’m definitely going back for more. You can find out more about Chanel Cream Blushes HERE.

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2 Replies to “Blushed: Chanel Cream Blush (Presage)”

  1. I love it Amber. I really like that it's not 'greasy' like some cream blushes can be. And you 'definitely' can't go wrong with Chanel if you're looking to start trying out those kinds of formulas. 🙂

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