Product Review: Ying Yu Jade Face Roller

I’m ever on the hunt for things that are … interesting … regarding beauty and skin care. I’m not up for the newest ‘discovery’ of some plant in the deepest caves of wherever containing an elixir that only activates at midnight under a full moon (you know what I mean). But I do love to try things that have some sense of history to them.

That’s what led me to Ying Yu Jade. I first learned about this lovely little ‘face roller’ through Cult Beauty. Research (mine) reveals that it helps with ‘puffiness’ in the face and aids in lymphatic drainage. I found a great video for a ‘jade facial’ that’s got me very excited about using this.

My Jade Face Roller came today:

I got the Double Face Roller, which has one larger side for the face, and a smaller side for the eye area. As I understand it, this lovely roller works best when cooled (some folks recommend putting it in the fridge for a spell before use), and should always be rolled ‘upward’ — never down.

I got the ‘practitioners’ version of the roller, which is reportedly adjustable. I’m still trying to figure out ‘how’ to adjust it, but I’m not too worried about that. The ‘holder’ on this particular roller looks to be a bit more sturdy than the pedestrian version… I would imagine for multiple  uses on multiple clients. The large roller is a bit bigger, as is the smaller roller. The handle is also longer. Now that I have it and can see it in person, I can see that the pedestrian version would be just as sturdy (ass the smaller roller is constructed the same on the practitioner’s version).

First Impressions: The weight is beautiful. It fits snugly in the hand and rolls perfectly along the planes of the face with no pressure. The weight of the actual tool is sufficient to encourage drainage. I’m still getting used to the smaller ‘eye’ portion of the roller… I imagine that with practice I’ll get it perfect.

I also got an ‘acu-roller’:

This roller is even heavier, and more sturdy than the face roller. I believe this roller is for other parts of the body (not necessarily the face). I tend to get tight down the back of my arms and across the shoulder blades… and I’m hoping that this will help the muscles relax a bit.

I got both of my rollers directly from the Ying Yu Jade website, which is located here in the United States. The shipping is super fast, and the customer service is exceptional. Internationally, you can find the rollers (both single and double) on the Cult Beauty website.

4 Replies to “Product Review: Ying Yu Jade Face Roller”

  1. This was a super informative post! I never even knew something like this existed. I love learning new things and this seem like a great gift for my mom. Thanks for sharing!

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