Glow On: Les Delices de Chanel

Chanel went ‘pale’ for the summer, with a mostly ‘sheer’ color collection. A softly shaded quad, pearl shimmer highlight, and pale lippie pretty much scream ‘subtle’ and ‘barely there.’

The star of the collection for me is the highlight in Delice. Like Notorious, its odd coloring promises all kinds of possibilities. Now, warm skinned beauties might shy away from Delice because… let’s face it… it’s white. For us, that means ash-city. Well, I’m here to report that we have absolutely nothing to worry about.

The highlight powder in Delice and the waterproof eye pencil in Purple Berry were my favorites from this collection.

It is nearly impossible to capture the dimension of this highlighter on camera. Although it looks like a flat white color, it’s actually shimmery and multi-dimensional. I thought that it might have a ‘silver’ shimmer undertone, but it doesn’t. There’s also a healthy dose of pink, gold, blue, and I want to say a little red in there.

This is a  heavy swatch. I wanted you to see that even on my warm skin tone, it doesn’t pull ashy. It looks like pearls on the skin… just beautiful. I was initially on the fence about this highlighter. Although I don’t have anything even remotely close to this kind of finish, I figured it would pull ashy. I ‘m so glad that I took a chance and got it anyway.

The waterproof pencil in Purple Berry is a cooler version of Grenat. These kinds of colors are very flattering on me, so I didn’t  hesitate with this one. Plus, with the summer temperatures reaching 100+ these days, I’m always happy for a waterpoof pencil.

I’d say this color is more ‘purple’ than ‘berry’ on me… but I still really like it.

You can find out more about Les Delices de Chanel HERE.

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