Eye Adore: Anastasia Brow Pen (and Brow Duality)

Move over Suqqu… Anastasia has met your challenge on the ‘brow pen’ and exceeded some major expectations.

The Anastasia Brow Pen was a ‘why not’ purchase at the PHAMExpo… for a few bucks I wasn’t really going to break down if it wasn’t perfect. Turns out, it is.

This felt-tipped beauty comes in two colors: Universal Light and Universal Deep. Like the Suqqu pen, this one does not really show up on the skin. It is attracted to, and adheres to the ‘hairs’ on your brow (so you actually have to have hairs).

I also got the Brow Duality Pencil… but more on that later. As you can see, the brow pen is basically a saturated felt tip pen. I didn’t expect much, especially after I swatched it on my skin.

But then I used it on my brow, and I found out that you can ‘technically’ overdo it. This pen is amazing. But it’s Anastasia… of course it’s amazing. Brows are what they do.

That heart is covering a pimple… trust me, I’m protecting you guys’ vision. That thing is ugly, and I will not pick it! I’m being a good girl. But back to the brow… that was a quickie tryout. Took me five seconds. The pen naturally darkens the hairs of  my brow without making them look overly made up. It actually makes my brow darker than the Suqqu version. AND it’s easier to get here in the United States.

I asked for the the Brow Duality Pen in Shell/Lace, but things apparently got mixed up at the show (there were a lot of people wanting stuff) and I ended up with the pinker version in Camille and Sand:

Camile (Matte)
Sand (Shimmer)

I had a Brow Duality Pencil that I wore down to a gross little nub, so a replacement was long overdue. And I’m glad I gave the Brow Pen a shot. It’s pretty awesome.

You can find out more about Anastasia Brow Pen and Dual Highlighter HERE.

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