PHAME Expo 2013: Sauce Box

Like IMATS and The Makeup Show, there were the usual suspects at the show. But PHAME brought out a few new brands, that caught my attention.

Sauce Box Cosmetics:

I ran across this brand while wandering the floor. And I’ll be honest, the display didn’t exactly move me. I think this is one of those lessons in presentation being everything, because had I been on my normal power shop, I would have passed this little gem by.

Sauce Box is a local internet based makeup company… and believe me when I tell you that they are worth taking a look at. Packaging and presentation aside (kind of looks like if ‘Too Faced’ had a little sister), the shadow quality is on par with Lorac. The powders are so soft that they feel like creams. Seriously. They are awesome.

 One of the show makeup artists created this look using the Sauce Box shadows… just stunning. The shadow are really something. In addition to being pigmented and creamy, they are on par with Make Up For Ever in size (in fact, you can easily depot them from their paper holders and pop them into a Make Up For Ever palettes.

That’s Sauce Box owner Alla (waving) and Julie. They’re both pretty awesome. Julie convinced me to pick up the company’s black shadow with one swipe. If you think you don’t need this little gem, one swipe will change your mind. I’ll have more about that in the ol’ haul post.

They also make palettes, including one featuring the amazing black shadow.

You can find out more about Sauce Box Beauty HERE.

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