The Skin Regime: Week 3

 The Skin Regime is a 12 week process (at least it is for me) that consists of dumping EVERYTHING that no longer serves your face beyond cleansing, gentle exfoliating, and basic moisturizing.

During this ‘skin  boot camp’ — you use a series of glycolic acid peels (in varying strengths) to keep the cell turnover rate on your face at maximum levels.

I’m in Week 6… but I’m taking pictures every three weeks to show you my progress.

Week 3:

By week 3, I still have mild sensitivity and general irritation on my oily/acne prone skin. But all of my former black marks (scars) are now a manageable shade of brown. The scarring you see is the result of picking (I’ve actually gotten much better at it, as this regime leaves no real room for error).

This regime causes you to invest in sunscreen, a LOT of it. The Sunday Riley version is my hands down favorite. Without sunscreen, you run the risk of undoing all your hard work, because you will damage your skin and scar. I speak from experience. Also it’s not a good idea to ignore Dana Ramos’ instructions about picking. It’s just not. I picked, used the peel, and OMG THE PAIN!!! I opened up the side of my face with  such horrific scarring… literally I had an open wound on my face. It scabbed, turned black, and only with lots and lots and LOTS of TLC, have I managed to fade the mark to brown… and hopefully eventually get it to disappear altogether.

You’ll see that scar, when I put up the results of Week 6.

Following directions is a huge deal during this boot camp. The peels are PH balanced, so they don’t really tingle or burn when you put them on. This might lead you to believe that maybe the peel isn’t as strong, and that you should leave it on a little longer. DO NOT DO THIS. One peel, left on for 5 minutes instead of the recommended three, left me with additional scarring. It’s just not a good idea to do your own thing with this regime. Follow directions. It makes all the difference in the world.

Since my mishaps and mistakes, I’ve gotten the hang of this thing. I’m six weeks out from (attempting) taking a full face picture with no foundation on. My normally scar-ridden skin looks smoother and much more clear, and people keep asking me what I’m doing.

This program works. I’m living testimony of it. And I want to give one of you lucky beauties the chance to do it as well.. for free.

At the conclusion of my Skin Regime Boot Camp, Dana is giving away a free copy of the book and a peel to get you started!

I’ll announce the details of the giveaway soon!

*I’ll have you guys know that I wore a BB cream today, with sheer coverage (and no extra help with color correctors), and my skin looked flawless! Whoo hoo!*

4 Replies to “The Skin Regime: Week 3”

  1. I don't actually know… I'll ask Dana. Or you can contact her yourself at She's extremely helpful. This was really a test for me because I'm so used to doing MORE for my skin… not less. I'm wearing a 'cc' cream today with no coverage to speak of, and with the exception of my ugly little peel scar, there are absolutely no marks visible on my face. If I behave myself and follow directions, I expect to be completely mark free in about 6 weeks. 🙂

  2. Wow – amazing results! Why do you have to use so much sunscreen, though? Are you outside all day? And do you have to keep makeup off for 6 weeks?

  3. Thank you!I use sunscreen to protect my skin every day. I live in a very sunny climate, and I don't want to damage my skin with UV exposure. I'm not in the sun all day, but I protect myself anyway.I used makeup like normal. I did the peels at night, and left my skin to recover as I slept.

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