Professional Grade: Greene Street Beauty

Well, I don’t know why it took me so long to find these women. One day I was poking around the internet looking for a review on Koyudo brushes, and BAM! There they were.

In a Youtube world full of ‘gurus’ who one day decided to pick up a makeup brush and declare themselves professionals, Kim Greene and Melissa Street are a gentle but firm reminder that ‘pro’ is a title that you might want to try to earn before you fire up your laptop webcam and start doling out advice on the internet. With decades of experience between them, Greene and Street share real-world and practical tips that are so straightforward and so simple… you’ll wonder why you insisted on putting on makeup the hard way all this time.

I’m very familiar with Kim Greene. She makes a line of ‘set bags’ that are a regular feature in most MUA’s kits. Just about everyone I know locally uses them, and they’re sold at my local beauty supply store. I met Greene at The Makeup Show several years ago, and found her upbeat and engaging and really willing to share everything she knows about the business. And those bags of hers actually work. I have three of them that see plenty of action on a regular basis.

This was the first time I’d heard of Melissa Street, but I’m finding that she’s got a wealth of knowledge (including some ‘new school’ tricks that may cause some pros to step out of their comfort zone) as well. 

While applying makeup isn’t necessarily complicated (okay, for some folks it is), there are time-tested tips and tricks that work on real people (not just 12 year old genetically gifted models) which pros use every day. It’s easy to dust a little color and highlight on an amazing set of cheekbones or slide gloss across the perfect pair of lips. It’s quite something else to understand ‘corrective’ makeup, and how to bring out the very best features on ‘anyone.’

And just in case you ever find yourself doubting their pedigree… Kim Greene takes you through ‘packing a set trailer’ that will leave you looking at your kit like it was packed by a 13 year old on her first makeup adventure.

Greene Street Beauty is worth a look… and in my opinion, worth a subscription.

Get into it. You’ll be glad you did.

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