PHAME Expo: The Overview (in pictures)

So… from the top:

It was 90 degrees in Pasadena (at least that’s what my car said) by 8am. I saw some guests arriving in sky high heels with about 200 pounds of makeup on… whew, not the kid. I was stripped down with minimal makeup and flats. For me, comfort is beautiful. LOL

I want to say that about 1-2,000 people showed up overall. It was a small opening, but considering this is the first show, that’s not too shabby. I’m sure the crowd will grow as the expo grows.

Hakuhodo! You know I stopped by to say hi. I love them. So sweet, and knowledgeable and accommodating. No big purchase for me this time. I kept the budget pretty small. This was more of an ‘exploratory’ mission.

The folks at Anastasia did brow makeovers. Considering the fact that a brow appointment at Anastasia is NOT cheap, I thought it was pretty cool of them to offer the service to guests.

Naimies took up about a ‘quarter’ of the convention center floor! At least that’s what it seemed like. They had pretty much every brand there that they carry in the store… from Laura Mercier to Bobbi Brown, and they offered the pro-discount to guests which was awesome.

Ahhh, the ratchedness of Sugarpill. When guests got in at 8:30, these folks were so not ready, that words really defy description of the level of just… OMG. They decided to form a line, long after a crowd had already gathered every which and any way. The table was not set up, the underpinnings (which were heavy and could potentially cause injury) kept falling and smacking people in the legs, the register wasn’t set up… and they had no change. So to pay for your purchase (which took anywhere from 20-40 minutes… keep in mind that this is first thing in the morning, before the real crowd showed up), you either had to use a credit card or give them exact change. EXACT.CHANGE. You should have seen the guests trading bills, and getting change for what they needed. So trifling. The guests were INCREDIBLY PROFESSIONAL AND PATIENT, despite the shenanigans at this table. Everyone was calm (including the woman who announced that she’d been LOOKING AT HER PURCHASE ON THE TABLE and waiting for half an hour while she was passed over again and again for someone who came after her… so could they please ring her up?). I ended up overpaying for my purchase because I didn’t have exact change and was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past the point of caring after standing there for 40 minutes. I even partnered with a woman beside me (Hey Cindy!) so that we could get our purchases rang up and get the heck away from that table. No one seemed to know what they were doing… one of the girls working the table was so embarrassed that she didn’t make eye contact with anyone. I felt really bad for her. I have no idea why they couldn’t get it together, but it was a wreck. And Sugarpill is no stranger to these kinds of shows. They do IMATS and The Makeup Show. I have no idea what happened this time, but I hope it doesn’t happen again. Because that was horrid… seriously.

OCC was in much better shape, which was funny… considering the fact that they had a larger setup, but the same amount of people working the table at that time in the morning. I was done with my purchase with them in SECONDS. Easy in… easy out.

There was plenty of ‘performance makeup’ going on at the show. MAC had the biggest display, but others whipped out paints and pigments and brushes and got to work as well. Some guests simply showed up fully done:

Kim Greene and Melissa Street of Green Street Beauty were there. They had Kim’s bags on display, as well as advertisement for web mentoring services. They were also speakers at the expo.

There was plenty of instruction going on everywhere. You simply had to pick a seat and have one. There were lessons on everything from basic makeup application, to corrective makeup, to mentoring on getting started (or getting further along) in the makeup industry.

All in all it was a good time. I’ll definitely be back next year.

PHAME Expo 2013: MAC

One of the differences I noticed between PHAME and IMATS was more emphasis on artistry (and hair) and a bit less on sales. Instead of the massive sales booth that MAC normally sets up at IMATS, their display was much more centered on artistry and expression.

The artists got to work bright and early, first erecting a blank ‘canvas’ on the floor and back wall, then sketching in a design. Meanwhile, body paint artists got to work on a group of models.

As the day progressed, all of the colors started to come together for what became a really cool expression of form and color.

The MAC performance art display was the largest at the expo. I imagine that as the event grows, other brands will take notice and follow suit.

PHAME Expo: Everyday Glamour with Valente Frazier

The Saturday Keynote Speaker for PHAME was none other than Valente Frazier. I made a point of getting to the expo to see him (I had to break my day up for a very special mommy-to-be). I always learn so much when he holds a demonstration.

This time was no different. Valente took us through his step by step process of Everyday Glamour:

Moisturizing with Embryolisse Lait Concentrate
 Foundation: Diorskin Airflash Foundation (YEAH!), and concealing with OCC concealer (with the help of a BeautyBlender).
Highlighting and Contouring
Eyeshadow, liner, and mascara. He layered the multi-tasking Make Up For Ever Flash Palette (gold) with a gold-shaded YSL Palette (#3), and used MAC Teddy pencil on the waterline and lashline. He finished with some mascara, and a nude-peach lip.
Done. Beautiful.

PHAME Expo: Lash Love


Another brand that caught my eye was Lash Love. Founded by two women in Washington DC, they offer faux and real mink lashes. They remind me a lot of Velour Lashes, with the addition of several interesting and unusual cuts (they have a 3/4 lash that I can’t wait to try).

I bought a fabulous pair called Monaco, and the 3/4 pair to see how they perform. You can find out more about Lash Love HERE.

PHAME Expo 2013: Sauce Box

Like IMATS and The Makeup Show, there were the usual suspects at the show. But PHAME brought out a few new brands, that caught my attention.

Sauce Box Cosmetics:

I ran across this brand while wandering the floor. And I’ll be honest, the display didn’t exactly move me. I think this is one of those lessons in presentation being everything, because had I been on my normal power shop, I would have passed this little gem by.

Sauce Box is a local internet based makeup company… and believe me when I tell you that they are worth taking a look at. Packaging and presentation aside (kind of looks like if ‘Too Faced’ had a little sister), the shadow quality is on par with Lorac. The powders are so soft that they feel like creams. Seriously. They are awesome.

 One of the show makeup artists created this look using the Sauce Box shadows… just stunning. The shadow are really something. In addition to being pigmented and creamy, they are on par with Make Up For Ever in size (in fact, you can easily depot them from their paper holders and pop them into a Make Up For Ever palettes.

That’s Sauce Box owner Alla (waving) and Julie. They’re both pretty awesome. Julie convinced me to pick up the company’s black shadow with one swipe. If you think you don’t need this little gem, one swipe will change your mind. I’ll have more about that in the ol’ haul post.

They also make palettes, including one featuring the amazing black shadow.

You can find out more about Sauce Box Beauty HERE.

FOTD: PHAME Expo 2013

The first PHAME (Professional Hair and Makeup Expo) got underway today. Now that IMATS has morphed into… well… something else, this pro-invite event lured several hundred makeup adventure seekers to Pasadena to see what’s what.

Now, it’s 100+ degrees these days (no… really), so I was not interested in wearing anything that would crease, run or otherwise make me look like a melted ice cream cone. So I kept it clean:

Elizabeth Arden Smoky Powder Pencil in Black (waterline/lashline)

Glow On: MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter in Light Boost

MAC released a series of ‘highlighting pens’ (cream… no shimmer) designed to add light to any part of the face that you wish to bring forward. The pen comes in three shades: Yellow (Light Boost), Pink (Radiant Rose), and Peach (Bright Forecast). Naturally, I ended up with yellow.

There have been some claims that this highlighter pen is large… larger than its other counterparts. It’s not. It’s on par with the Chanel concealer pen… pretty standard stuff. By Terry Touche Veloutee still holds the distinct honor of being the largest pen highlighter.

This formula reminds me a bit of Touche Veloutee, because it’s creamy and really easy to blend. It’s slightly more yellow, which helps a lot with skin tones that have a yellow undertone. The coverage is medium, although I suspect that it can be built to full.

I wore it in an FOTD:

It’s under the eyes, between the brows, and on the chin. It behaves like a traditional cream highlighter, which is not too shabby for the price. The MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter retails for $24. You can find out more about it HERE.

Beauty On The Inside: Ashieda Beauty Nectar

This is an interesting concept. The folks at Ashieda have pulled together a rather tasty drink, that promises to beautify you from the inside out by increasing your collagen production.

I have to be honest; I was hugely skeptical when I first learned of this drink. I’m not a fan of putting any strange substances in my body, so I was a little hesitant to try this drink.

My Beauty Nectar arrived in this box, with 10 small bottles of the magic drink. 
Each bottle is about an ounce, and actually tastes pretty good. It’s sweetened with fruit juice. The secret to this drink is in the ‘collagen’ in the formula, which comes from cows. Vegetarians and Vegans need not apply… this definitely contains animal products.

So I drank one bottle a night, as instructed. I didn’t have any adverse reactions, and my skin is smooth and sporting a lovely glow. Now, remember that I’m in the middle of The Skin Regime, so that might  have something to do with it as well. But the peels from the regime make my skin really ‘thin’ and when I started drinking this nectar, I found that my skin recovered between peels a LOT faster. That might have something to do with the collagen in the formula.

The good news is, this drink did me no harm. It tastes great and it’s a snap to drink before bedtime.

The folks at Ashieda are doing a lot more than this drink. They make a collagen mask that is now a regular necessity in my beauty routine. 
This mask leaves my skin SO SOFT, omg. I love it. It’s one of those pre-constructed masks that you lay on your face. You wait a bit, then remove it, and the results are absolutely amazing.
I also swear by this little vegetable sponge:
I use this everyday to take off my makeup. Works like a charm. A little bit of makeup remover oil and this little sponge takes off every trace. I imagine it’s like my beloved Clarisonic, but in manual form. I  use it on the days when my skin is a little sensitive (happens from time to time). It’s excellent. Mine is starting to fall apart, so I’m due to order a new one very soon.
You can find out more about Ashieda Beauty Products HERE.

Lashing Out: Make Up For Ever Extravagant Mascara

Hmmm… I’m not sure what Make Up For Ever was going for when they released the new Extravagant Mascara.

This mascara promises a whole host of things, like precision, lengthening, and volume… and well… 1 out of 3 ain’t bad.

Actually, it kind of is (bad).

 The folks at Make Up For Ever must have figured that adding a cool new shape to the container and a very interesting looking wand would make us forget that this  mascara is anything BUT extravagant. It’s actually kind of a pain in the butt to use.

I’ve found that this mascara works best when you take as much product off the wand as possible. If you leave that product on… your lashes come out heavy and gross and stuck together. I don’t know WHAT they were thinking. Really.

When you take nearly all of the product off of the wand, you end up with a good lengthening mascara (much like Volume de Chanel). But it’s such a hassle to do all of that, that you’re really just better off getting the Chanel mascara and leaving this one at the store. It’s $6 extra, with none of the labor. Sounds like a fair trade to me.

Sorry Make Up For Ever. You should have stuck with Smoky Lash.

The Skin Regime: Week 6

Okay, I was all set to bring you more pictures of Week 6, and then I uploaded them and see that they’re totally out of focus! Boo! The forehead picture is fine, so I’ll post that one. You can at least get a general idea of my skin’s progression from that.

There are almost no marks on my forehead now. Everything has faded away (without lightening my overall skin tone), to become much more uniform. The same is true for the sides of my face. So far, so good.

I wore the Shiseido BB cream, with no color correctors and no powder, and it came out beautifully.

Okay, I’m really shiny. Maybe I should have put on a little powder. But I wanted to show that a sheer coverage bb cream looks just fine on me now. 6 weeks down… 6 weeks to go!