Lip Service: Lip Fusion Balm in Buff


When I first looked at these, I thought they were like the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments. I thought that the color I chose, Buff, was a lot like the Sugar Lip Treatment in Nude Honey (which I don’t like. Pulls ashy on me). But it’s a lot warmer. And it’s actually a ‘buff’ color on my warm skin tone (not an ashy pink)! Any warm toned beauty looking for a ‘nude’ color likely understands my excitement. A lot of times, ‘nude’ means ashy beige or pink… not a good look.

Initially, when I put this balm on… it pulled at my lips. It did not emulsify right away (as you’d expect a balm to do). But I found that after the first application, it was fine. Must be something with it being new or whatever. This lovely formula contains SPF (betcha didn’t think that your lips needed that), and wears very naturally… with enough color to go semi-opaque. I really like that it’s not sheer (I have plenty of balms like that).

This is one pass with the balm. You can layer it a little bit to make it more opaque. I wore it in a recent FOTD, and only had to reapply once in an 8 hour day. That’s something.

I got this lovely little balm from my local beauty supply. You can find out more about Lip Fusion Lip Balm HERE.

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