Eye Adore: Chantecaille Shark Palette

From Up in the air to Under the sea…

I had been dying to get the Chantecaille ‘Save The Sharks’ Palette ever since it first came out, but there weren’t many of these babies at my local stores. By the time I remembered to get one, the only option was online. And I totally wanted to swatch first.

From the website:

 Inspired by the Spring ’13 runway trends and BLOOM’S passionate commitment to ban shark finning, Chantecaille has created the Save the Sharks Palette. A graphic and alluring palette that fuses on-trend colors from the catwalks with the freshness of the oceans, in a bold yet feminine way.

Shades include:
– Great White: a white and sandy beige inspired by the apex of the oceans’ ecosystems, the Great White shark.
– Black Tip: an on-trend, deep ocean blue inspired by aquatic spring runway looks and the dark, inky fin of Black Tip sharks.
– Grey Reef: a glistening sandy grey inspired by the Indian and Pacific Oceans’ Grey Reef sharks.
– Sea Anemone: a flattering golden coral cheek shade inspired by the underwater gardens of the tropics

So I got the last one from my local beauty supply store. I got to see it and swatch it and declare it worth every penny.

All of these colors (8 total) are silky and fabulously pigmented. Although they are designated for certain areas of the eyes and face, I have absolutely no intention of following directions. l am particularly smitten with the Grey Reef combination. That smoky silver color is to die for.

Chantecaille Save The Sharks Palette is still available at NORDSTROM.com

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