Dry Skin Solution: Hourglass Serum No. 28

I have several clients who have the driest skin on earth, and I’ve noticed that as I get… ahem… older, my skin tends to get a little flaky around the nose and mouth. Most of the time I can treat it before bed with a strong face oil. But under makeup during the day, it just looks awful.

Enter Hourglass Serum No. 28

I was digging around Space NK last month and started playing with the formula. It goes on like a serum that’s too thick to actually penetrate, but eventually blends out to create a non-oily moisturizing veil that’s perfect as a primer or foundation base. I’ve even mixed a bit in with foundation to give it a moisturizing boost on the days when I need it most.

Last week, Sherry (also of Space NK) introduced me to the ‘Lip Treatment Oil’ — which is basically the same formula, with a little more grab for the lip area.

I use both of them well in advance of using any makeup (on myself or clients) to give it time to sink in. Since I’m pretty oily on the regular, this is a great step for me for nighttime makeup (which seems to dry the heck out of my skin).

The face serum comes in a standard pump. But the Lip Treatment Oil has the funkiest applicator… I use it by pumping out a small amount and wiping the tip with a lip brush…

 Both of the serums look and behave the same. I’ve noticed that for the face serum, a little bit goes a very long way (I use about half a pump for an entire face). It takes one full pump of lip serum to really cover an area well. The key to both of these formulas is to wait it out, while they work. The face serum goes on ‘wet’ — but blends out beautifully. And the lip oil goes on thick, but then sort of ‘liquifies’ and sinks into the lips.

The formula takes some getting used to, but once you figure it out it’s really excellent. If you’ve got (or work on) dry skin, this stuff is worth looking into. You can find out more about Hourglass Serum No. 28  HERE.

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