Flawless Finish: Burberry Sheer Compact Foundation

Foundation Type: Powder

Skin Type: Normal to Oily

Coverage: Sheer to Medium 
Finish: Matte

Let me begin by saying that I am not a fan of powder foundations. I have oily skin, and I don’t like to ‘force’ a matte look because my skin will fight it and crease up a powder foundation. I’ve never found one that successfully sat on my skin. So I was all set to try this product out as a pressed powder. I figured I’d just wear it over foundation and be done with it.

But it doesn’t work that way.

I got this foundation in the same shade as my sheer liquid version, in Trench #10. But I found that if I layered it over a liquid foundation (even if I let the foundation set), it oxidized TERRIBLY and went about 2 shades darker. This happened even if I used a foundation that is too light for my skin, and used this powder to correct. It still went too dark, and almost red. This powder is truly meant to be worn alone. So I tried it out by itself, and it worked beautifully.

Burberry Sheer Compact Foundation (Trench #10)
Burberry Eye Palette in Dark Spice:
Gold all over lids
Darkest brown on lashline
Medium Brown blended on outer crease
Urban Decay 24/7 Gel Liner in Zero (waterline)
Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara
Burberry Lipstick in Rosewood

6 Replies to “Flawless Finish: Burberry Sheer Compact Foundation”

  1. Hi Shahada. Glad to see you are now totally smitten with the Burberry line. I love their things so much. Glad you like the powder foundation. I decided to take a chance with it also and i am glad i did. 🙂

  2. I like it AfricanOrchid… now that I know how to use it! Lol I was horrified when it oxidized so badly over foundation. But it's really meant to be worn alone. So that's what I'm doing from now on.

  3. I've never tried any of their foundations, i'm afraid it'll just sit in my drawer along with my other dozens lol! So are you busy changing out all of your backlinks to your Nordie's affiliate link? I forgot to ask you to join Linkshare under my referral link on my Blog so I could have gotten a referral fee. BTW, I never receive your replies because Google only sends replies on my blog to me, not replies on other blogs, buy you can always email me directly if you have questions about affiliate or marketing, I actually have a few other blogs just for marketing.

  4. Nordies hasn't approved me… yet. Either way, I'm not holding my breath. It will play out as it should.But back to the foundations… Burberry makes very good ones. I think my favorite is the liquid sheer. This powder one is okay, but not a must have at all. I much prefer liquid to powder foundations.

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