Summer Skin Prep: Organic Essential Body Scrub

We think that body scrub is the easiest, and the most effective way to get truly ‘glowing’ skin. Scrubbing the skin removes dead skin cells, and if you use a scrub with an added moisturizer, you simultaneously moisturize and nourish the new skin. The result is a glow that’s truly worthy of the coming Summer season.

Our body scrub is based in Organic Raw Honey, which has been proven to work moisturizing miracles on the skin. It’s boosted with Organic Raw Shea Butter and Organic Essential Oils. Organic Raw Sugar serves as the workhorse in this formula… getting rid of dead skin cells and sloughing away any dullness or dryness.

Our scrub goes beyond the basic ‘oil and sugar’ recipes … and actually works to heal and nourish the skin. It’s easy to get addicted to the aromatherapy benefits of using this scrub, although we recommend you only use it about twice a week for best results.

You don’t need a separate moisturizer after scrubbing… but if you choose to layer a lotion or body oil over it… your skin will look that much more amazing. And if you’re interested in the ultimate treatment… layer it with our body balm before bed. You’ll wake up the next morning with softer skin than you ever imagined.

However you choose to scrub… we think you’ll like the results. You can find out more about Habibi Organic Essential Body Scrub on our website,

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