Nordstrom Trend Event: In Pictures

I was going to edit these and do a bunch of commentary… but there are a lot of pictures… and I’ll let them just do the talking. Now, the lighting wasn’t ideal and everything moved pretty fast. But I did my best.

Look at  all these people. OMG. And I got there at a fairly decent time. Seating was a beast… but I managed to find a seat fairly close to the front. Not that it mattered. Everyone and everything was moving so fast…

There was a quick fashion show before the Beauty Director for Nordstrom stepped out…

Then we got on with the business of highlighting some of the bestselling beauty brands… with what’s trending for Spring/Summer 2013…



Bobbi Brown:

…and on and on. There were a ton of gifts, giveaways, and more information to whip the crowd into a frenzy with one focus: BUY EVERYTHING! It was infectious. I swear, Dick Page came on the big screen to announce red lips for Spring (Shiseido)… and I was ready to buy 4 tubes of Shiseido red lipstick. Then I had to think about that. Really? Me? Red Lipstick? The person who has about 25 tubes of red lipstick and for some reason I just have to have THIS red lipstick. A mess.

2 Replies to “Nordstrom Trend Event: In Pictures”

  1. I was there – at that exact same event yesterday morning and honestly I felt it was one of the poorest Beauty Trend Event shows they've had. The energy of the crowd was even lacking. Glad you got a nice Burberry gift. I passed on everything. I really felt this event was better suited to those who have little-to-no knowledge of what's happening in beauty right now so I'm pretty surprised you liked it so much. The Dick Page / Shiseido video presentation about red lipstick was the only thing that really grabbed my attention. I'm hoping the one in the Fall is much better.

  2. I've never been to one so I have nothing to compare it to. I thought it was fun. The prizes were great, and I thought the crowd was fine. Anyone traipsing all the way from Oregon or New York for an early morning event is certainly forgiven for being a little sleepy. 🙂

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