Burberry Cold Weather Haul

I recently purchased a few goodies from Burberry, with a stronger focus on cold weather. I wanted to try the Velvet Foundation and Concealer. I also picked up a Lip Mist in Brown Sugar (to wear right now).

Trench Velvet Foundation in #208:
The finish is matte… though surprisingly not ashy (which I what I initially expected before committing to the purchase). #208 s the darkest shade in this formula, which is unfortunate. Hopefully, Burberry will expand the range, much like they’ve done with the sheer formula.
Concealer in Sandy Beige:
Lip Mist in Brown Sugar:

It’s interesting that this is named Brown Sugar. There’s nothing really ‘brown’ about it (much like Copper is more nude and not warm at all… like a copper color would be). It’s more of a very warm peach, with the slightest hint of rose. I love it. I don’t really care what it’s called. 🙂

4 Replies to “Burberry Cold Weather Haul”

  1. I honestly thought that concealer was going to be too 'pink' at first. It looked really pink in the sampler that I had. But it's actually more of a 'peach' and works much like a color corrector on my skin. Now that I've figured out how to use it (pat it on… no rubbing), I really love the way it works.

  2. More wonderful goodies from Burberry. I have found that you really cannot go wrong with anything you choose from that cosmetics line. They have such a nice shade range to choose from. Yeah. I am waiting for them to put out some darker shades for the velvet foundation. Love the luminous one though. Great choices once again Shahada. 😀

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