Product Review: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders

This is one of those lovely instances when it helps to get as much information about a product as possible, before jumping out there and reviewing it.

I took my time before putting this review up, because after the rash of reviews on Radiant Light (many of which were critical)… I decided to ask some questions.

So I cozied up to an Hourglass rep, and asked her what the heck the deal was… and why so many fair-skinned lovelies were having a hard time with the Radiant Light version of the powders?

Her answer: That powder is not for them.


Hourglass released a total of six shades of their Ambient Light powder. It turns out… certain shades are for certain skin types… and only TWO  of the shades are meant to be an all over powder. There are two semi-mattes… the rest are full on shimmer. Those two ‘mattes’ are adjusted for yellow and pink undertones, accordingly.

For my (yellow) undertones… the shimmer and matte powders are Radiant Light and Diffused Light. Now, I can wear the other colors in accordance with blushes or highlights… but these two powders are meant to compliment my particular skin tone… in the most natural ‘lighted’ way possible.

Swatched side by side, you can see how one adds just a hint of radiant ‘color’ while the other adds a hint of radiant ‘light.’

To the horrified bloggers who slapped Radiant Light all over their fair skins… only to find that they looked like a bronze disco-ball… Hourglass probably owes you an explanation, and an apology. They should have been as generous with detailed information as they were with free product. Radiant Light is the ‘most’ pigmented of the bunch, and is meant for the most pigmented skin tones among us. You guys may find solace in the Ethereal Light (which looks amazing on fair skins), and Dim Light. I found that Mood Light (the pink) looks awesome on a wide range of skin tones as well.

These are amazing powders. They work extremely well when used according to skin tones and individual needs. Maybe it would behoove Hourglass to include a little information card with them. Just saying.

You can find out more about Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders HERE.

*pr sample

9 Replies to “Product Review: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders”

  1. I think that information should be provided for everyone… so people can make the right decisions. Especially people who are purchasing online and may not have the chance to swatch the powders in person.

  2. thank you so much for this. im dark(MUFE HD in 178) and I have Radiant(which i love for night time) and Dim. Which other ones should I try? I never bothered with the rest because #1 I was confused #2 they looked scaryily light/pale in the package!

  3. They can run pretty light. Radiant Light is the darkest. I think you should swatch them on your skin (light touch is key!) before deciding. Mood light MIGHT go ashy (which is the one I'd suggest), so I would test it first.

  4. I have to totally agree with you. I brought 2 of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders in Dim Light and Luminous Light. I wanted the brush but my Sephora was out. The next one I want is Radiant Light. These are really good powders.

  5. Hi!! Have you had the opportunity to test the Ambient Lighting Palette yet? Im wondering if you could post a review or reply here to suggest how to use “incandescent”?

    1. I have tested the palette and decided that it was a pass for me. I have two of the colors in the palette already (Dim and Radiant Light), so an additional palette would have been a waste of money for me. Incandescent is a great highlighter, but should be used with a light hand because it’s a bit shimmery. It’s a good value, considering the price of the singular palettes (even though there’s less product in the palette, it will take quite a while to hit pan because you use so little of these powders to get the job done), so if you don’t have those colors, then you might want to go for it. Hope that helps! 🙂

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