Glow On: NARS Multiple in Puerto Vallarta

Summer 2013 saw NARS produce a multiple that might be one of their best yet. If Rock & Republic Blush in Call Me came in a ‘cream’ version… it would be NARS Multiple in Puerto Vallarta.

The peachy shimmer (shot through with a healthy dose of gold) stick pulls a true peach… even on my warm skin tone. Any darker than my NC-43 tone will produce more of a gold color, and any beauties that are lighter will get a warm golden peach flush.

The formula is non greasy and blends out easily on bare skin, or over foundation, just using your fingers.

You can find out more about NARS Multiple in Puerto Vallarta HERE.

6 Replies to “Glow On: NARS Multiple in Puerto Vallarta”

  1. This multiple plus the lipstick are on my Nars summer 2013 wishlist. I love peachy golden blushes for summer and Nars Multiples are great for on the go makeup (very mommy frinedly)

  2. A cream version of R&R Call Me? I'm sold!I've been infatuated with the idea of Call Me ever since the blog insanity over R&R blushes peaked. I say "idea of" because I've never swatched/seen it in person, but have read many a review raving over its "gorgeousity". 🙂 Add that to my new fascination with cream products… and I'm there! I'll have to wait until my MU ban ends in August. Then I will happily go a-swatchin'.ps Do you have any favourite cream blushes that leave a dewy finish?

  3. I do like the NARS Multiple if you're looking for cream products that don't go 'oily.' But the best products for dewy finishes for me are the By Terry versions in the liquid formula. You can layer them, and they leave an amazing flush to the skin that even holds under setting powder.R&R blush in Call Me is divine… I've given away all but the one that I have now. I should have kept a backup… silly me!

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