Professional Grade: Colorful color

I was supposed to take a nap today. I rose before the sun… squeezed in a workout… and was supposed to do a quick practice photo shoot for my company.

And then I got a message: “Model confirmed… see you at 10:30!”


Here’s what happened: Friend asked me to do a ‘colorful lashes’ shoot earlier in the week. But he never heard back from the model… so we scrapped it. Until she confirmed… THIS.MORNING… about half an hour before I was scheduled to leave for the product shoot.


This is Erin. She was an amazing sport… and it turns out she had a really legitimate reason for confirming at the last possible second. So I put on makeup, she smiled and posed, and we got some amazing shots.

Then we got on with the business of shooting for the company. And since Erin was already on set… well…

She made up for the last minute confirmation:

So it was a good day. We even wrapped on time for me to make a few HABIBI deliveries… so I’m not too put out.

But I AM exhausted. So I’m gonna go to sleep… until I wake up. Ciao for now!

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