Glow On: Armani Fluid Sheers (New Colors)

For Spring/Summer 2013… Armani released six new shades of fluid sheers… in fabulous new packaging!

Four of the colors… like this amazing coral… simply scream summer. There is also a bright yellow gold, peach, and cool pink. The other two colors are more like autumn/winter shades. There is a deep fuchsia and a burnished burgundy color.

The yellow gold (#4) and the coral (#6) ended up coming home with me. The peach looked too much like the By Terry version (Or de Rose in Coral Rose) and the cool pink color will come home with me at a later date.

You can sheer these all the way out, blend them with foundation, or even a loose oil for a body blush or shimmer. I even mixed a little bit in a clear balm and turned it into a gloss. These are amazing. I intend to get them all… but I’m going slow (budgets and what not).

You can find out more about the new Armani Fluid Sheers HERE.

11 Replies to “Glow On: Armani Fluid Sheers (New Colors)”

  1. Hi Shahada Karim..Thank you so much!!! This is wonderful. Is yellow shade good on a day look too? I almost have your same skin color I guess, a tad more yellowish…I wish if you could do a makeup look with yellow shade on…

  2. Hi Julie,I tend to use that yellow shade to mix with foundation to give it more of a 'golden/yellow' hue. I use it a lot with foundation colors that I find to be 'flat' and plain brown. I think it's too sheer to really use on its own… I used it as highlight once and it kind of got lost. LOL

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