FOTD: Burberry Velvet & NARS Rotunde

Remember when I said I was saving the Burberry Velvet Foundation for cooler weather? Well, the morning was so overcast and chilly… that I figure it’s Mother Nature’s way of telling me to use it right now! So I did.

Burberry Velvet Foundation in Trench #208
Burberry Concealer in Sandy Beige
By Terry Hyaluronic Powder
NARS Blush in Rotunde
Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in Cognac Sable:
Peach Shimmer on lids
Darkest Brown blended through crease, on lashline, and under waterline
Burberry Effortless Mascara
Burberry Lip Mist in Brown Sugar

NARS + Pierre Hardy (Blushes + Polish)

Well… I was all set to pass on this… and then a little birdy named Shontay was like: DON’T YOU DARE! So I listened… and boy am I glad I did!

NARS collaborated with shoe designer Pierre Hardy for a series of nail polish duos, and two of the most amazing blushes… perfect for summer.

I ended up with both blushes, and the nail polish duo called ‘Easy Walking’:

From the left: Blush in Rotunde, Polish Duo in Easy Walking, and Blush in Boys Don’t Cry
Blushes in Rotunde & Boys Don’t Cry: 
Nail Polish Duo in Easy Walking:
…and together:
The blushes are… BEYOND. they’re twice the size of regular NARS blushes (they’re about the size of the bronze duos), and the gold pattern is just overspray. Underneath is the most matte pigmented blush… just stunning. They blend out beautifully (so that you don’t end up with two massive streaks of color on your face)… and can be layered for even more intensity. Amazing. 
The nail polish duo is the most neutral of the selections. I like it because I can wear them separately or together, and they still make a statement.
You can find out more about NARS + Pierre Hardy HERE.

Lip Service: Lipstick Queen’s ‘Hello Sailor’

Anyone remember ‘mood’ lipsticks? They’d come in these weird shades of green and blue and orange… and they’d all turn this hideous shade of fuchsia on everyone. The idea that they actually adjusted to an individual ‘mood’ was just a sales gimmick. It was the same color… no matter who wore it.

Poppy King of Lipstick Queen has decided to take us back to the ‘mood lipstick’ era, with a new blue lipstick called ‘Hello Sailor.’

This blue lipstick actually does NOT turn the same color on everyone. I’ve seen some pale skinned beauties featuring a distinctly berry colored lip. On me, it’s more of a soft rose. It wears very neutral, and I think it’s safe to give this lipstick ‘apply in the dark’ status, because it’s pretty hard to get it wrong.

As I understand it, Hello Sailor is a Barney’s exclusive. You can find out more about this ‘updated’ version of the quintessential mood lipstick HERE.

*pr sample

Burberry Cold Weather Haul

I recently purchased a few goodies from Burberry, with a stronger focus on cold weather. I wanted to try the Velvet Foundation and Concealer. I also picked up a Lip Mist in Brown Sugar (to wear right now).

Trench Velvet Foundation in #208:
The finish is matte… though surprisingly not ashy (which I what I initially expected before committing to the purchase). #208 s the darkest shade in this formula, which is unfortunate. Hopefully, Burberry will expand the range, much like they’ve done with the sheer formula.
Concealer in Sandy Beige:
Lip Mist in Brown Sugar:

It’s interesting that this is named Brown Sugar. There’s nothing really ‘brown’ about it (much like Copper is more nude and not warm at all… like a copper color would be). It’s more of a very warm peach, with the slightest hint of rose. I love it. I don’t really care what it’s called. 🙂

Summer Skin Prep: Organic Essential Body Scrub

We think that body scrub is the easiest, and the most effective way to get truly ‘glowing’ skin. Scrubbing the skin removes dead skin cells, and if you use a scrub with an added moisturizer, you simultaneously moisturize and nourish the new skin. The result is a glow that’s truly worthy of the coming Summer season.

Our body scrub is based in Organic Raw Honey, which has been proven to work moisturizing miracles on the skin. It’s boosted with Organic Raw Shea Butter and Organic Essential Oils. Organic Raw Sugar serves as the workhorse in this formula… getting rid of dead skin cells and sloughing away any dullness or dryness.

Our scrub goes beyond the basic ‘oil and sugar’ recipes … and actually works to heal and nourish the skin. It’s easy to get addicted to the aromatherapy benefits of using this scrub, although we recommend you only use it about twice a week for best results.

You don’t need a separate moisturizer after scrubbing… but if you choose to layer a lotion or body oil over it… your skin will look that much more amazing. And if you’re interested in the ultimate treatment… layer it with our body balm before bed. You’ll wake up the next morning with softer skin than you ever imagined.

However you choose to scrub… we think you’ll like the results. You can find out more about Habibi Organic Essential Body Scrub on our website,

Nordstrom Trend Event: The Burberry Gift

All of the beauty brands had gifts with purchase… consultations… gifts for saying hello… yada yada yada.

One of the most awesome gifts came from Burberry:

This insanely awesome makeup case (in rosy pewter) came with a makeup bag, a concealer sampler, three sample lipsticks (copper, antique pink & rosewood), a Kabuki brush, and an illuminating cube.

So cool. To the makeup counters that were handing out little bags of (normally free) samples with purchase… take note. THIS is how you give a gift.