Processing & Shipping Changes

 Thank you all so much for your patience, as we grow and figure out how to handle the demand for Habibi Bath & Body Products. An increasing number of you have tried, tested, and fallen in love with our products. But as more people purchased from all over the world, it took more time to fill each order and ship it in a timely manner.

But you waited.

Boy, did you wait. Some of you waited longer than anyone should have to wait… for anything. And we want you to know that your patience, and your grace did not go unnoticed. We’ve been working to keep up with you, and change the way we do businesses with you… so that you never have to wait so long again.

 In the future, you’ll see an increasing number of packages arriving from UPS. We are phasing out USPS, as we’ve found the overall method cost prohibitive and generally unreliable (10 days to deliver a Priority Mail package = extremely expensive Parcel Post). While this means you’ll have to wait longer than an average of 2 business days for a shipment once it’s left us, that time will be off-set by faster processing time.
You heard right. New hires (read: much needed help) has allowed us to process your orders faster. If a product is back-ordered, you’ll get a notification and an estimated shipping time for the backordered products only. You’ll have the option of cancelling that portion of your order, or agreeing to wait for the specific product. Meanwhile, any orders that can be filled in a normal processing time will be done within 5-7 business days.
International Shipping is in the works. The way we’ve been doing it to date has  been… not good. So we’ve contracted with a shipping agent to get our international orders out the door and across the globe in a timely fashion. BUT… unlike domestic shipping, international shipping will not be free. We’re working to cut the shipping cost as much as possible, but international customers will have to pay an additional fee to ship any orders.
We’re phasing in all changes through the Spring and Summer. So like your labels and some of your formulations… you’ll see gradual upgrades over the next several weeks. Again, we love and appreciate you, and we sincerely thank you for choosing Habibi. Your satisfaction is, and always will be extremely important to us.
-Shahada Karim

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