Skin Science: Ellis Faas Blush & Milky Lips

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the philosophy behind Ellis Faas lateley, and one of the things that most fascinates me is the concept of ‘human colors.’ Every color in the brand is a perfect imitation of a color that is produced naturally by the human body.

With this in mind, I went in search of two of the most natural (on my skin tones) colors that the brand produces. I came up with Blush in S303, and Milky Lips in L209.

Blush in S303

Milky Lips in L209
The lip color is strange, but a complete nude shade on me. I find it actually needs a bit of help with dimension… likely in the form of a complimentary lip pencil. The formula for both is light, and the finish is very ‘skin’ like. The lip formula is so light that I actually pressed my lips together a few times to make sure I had it on throughout the day. It’s good stuff.
You can find out more about Ellis Faas HERE

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