Lip Service: MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick

I wanted to know if these were really worth the hype. The answer is absolutely yes… and sometimes no. The truth is, it really depends on what colors you choose.

MAC Mineralize Lipsticks are supposed to bind better and be more hydrating than the company’s traditional formula. They’re also more expensive ($22 vs. $14.50). So I took a whole lot of time, and tested each color to see what’s what. I came up with three favorites (maybe two) out of the bunch. The colors that topped my list are Lush Life (deep plum), All Out Gorgeous (blackened red), and Grand Dame (warm rose).

Of the three, Grand Dame is likely my least favorite. It’s not the color… it’s the finish. My lips were dry when I tested this (it’s supposed to be a hydrating formula), and the color just sank into every crack and crevice.

All Out Gorgeous is lovely, but pretty dupeable. I have plenty of reds like it. What impresses me is the moisture factor. As soon as I put it on, my dry lips plumped right up.

Lush Life is hands down, the best of the bunch. It’s incredibly mositurizing, and the color is so rich and … well… LUSH. I absolutely love it.

You can find out more about MAC Mineralize Lipsticks HERE.

*pr sample

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