The Makeup Show LA (2013): Newbies NARS & Ellis Faas

Instead of taking pictures of the usual folks who are there every year, I decided to focus on the newbies. Ellis Faas showed up for the first time… and NARS! OMG NARS was there and the customers went NUTS. They offered a pro/show discount of 30% and it was enough to create a shopping frenzy…

The folks at Ellis Faas were ever so helpful and really cool. I haven’t seen the brand since Space NK pulled it a million years ago. I forgot how much I loved and missed this brand.

I forgot how expensive it was too. LOL $95 foundations are nothing to sneeze at. Although, they did offer a show discount that cut the price nearly in half. And fabulously, they are now offering the foundations in a traditional pump bottle! It was quite enough to get my attention.

The rest of The Makeup Show spectacle is coming in later posts… including the Haul (ya’ll know I don’t play about Hakuhodo).

Ciao for now!

2 Replies to “The Makeup Show LA (2013): Newbies NARS & Ellis Faas”

  1. Great post!The Ellie Saab foundations look like a belt, LOL. I never tried their products before. I go to the NYC Makeup Show and last year was NARS' first year there, and I remember being SOOOO excited. I have the NARS Radiant concealer and I really like it. I have it in Caramel, but I wonder if I should get Ginger as well.

  2. That clip belt holds all of the Ellis Faas products. It's pretty awesome. You can wear it around your waist, and then roll it up and pop it in the bottom of your kit when you're done. It's really convenient.Regarding the Ginger concealer… there was a bit of debate over whether it was actually my color. I maintain that it is (and I'll show you guys in swatches), but the SA was trying to put me in Caramel… which is actually the same color as my skin tone. I told him that I always go lighter with concealer. He finally let me have my way. LOL

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