Processing & Shipping Changes

 Thank you all so much for your patience, as we grow and figure out how to handle the demand for Habibi Bath & Body Products. An increasing number of you have tried, tested, and fallen in love with our products. But as more people purchased from all over the world, it took more time to fill each order and ship it in a timely manner.

But you waited.

Boy, did you wait. Some of you waited longer than anyone should have to wait… for anything. And we want you to know that your patience, and your grace did not go unnoticed. We’ve been working to keep up with you, and change the way we do businesses with you… so that you never have to wait so long again.

 In the future, you’ll see an increasing number of packages arriving from UPS. We are phasing out USPS, as we’ve found the overall method cost prohibitive and generally unreliable (10 days to deliver a Priority Mail package = extremely expensive Parcel Post). While this means you’ll have to wait longer than an average of 2 business days for a shipment once it’s left us, that time will be off-set by faster processing time.
You heard right. New hires (read: much needed help) has allowed us to process your orders faster. If a product is back-ordered, you’ll get a notification and an estimated shipping time for the backordered products only. You’ll have the option of cancelling that portion of your order, or agreeing to wait for the specific product. Meanwhile, any orders that can be filled in a normal processing time will be done within 5-7 business days.
International Shipping is in the works. The way we’ve been doing it to date has  been… not good. So we’ve contracted with a shipping agent to get our international orders out the door and across the globe in a timely fashion. BUT… unlike domestic shipping, international shipping will not be free. We’re working to cut the shipping cost as much as possible, but international customers will have to pay an additional fee to ship any orders.
We’re phasing in all changes through the Spring and Summer. So like your labels and some of your formulations… you’ll see gradual upgrades over the next several weeks. Again, we love and appreciate you, and we sincerely thank you for choosing Habibi. Your satisfaction is, and always will be extremely important to us.
-Shahada Karim

Lip Service: Givenchy Le Rouge

Givenchy released a new lipstick formula that is so fabulous… it even comes in it’s own faux leather case. This stuff is wonderful. I noticed it recently while randomly digging around Sephora to inspect the new Becca display. The formula is creamy and highly moisturizing and the colors can be sheered out or layered for full opacity.

I ended up with the color Carmin Escarpin, which is an orange-based red.

The orange undertone really picks up on my warm skin tone. This is a very ‘wearable’ red for me. Love it. You can find out more about Givenchy Le Rouge HERE.

Lip Service: Guerlain Rouge Automatique (Rendezvous)

 This is such a lovely color. Guerlain’s lipstick in Rendezvous is so flattering on such a wide range of skin tones… I absolutely love it.

On me it’s a very cool rose tone. On fairer skin tones, it’s a warmer rose with just the smallest hint of shimmer. It’s really lovely, and definitely going to be in heavy rotation come Summer.

Glow On: By Terry Or De Rose Blush Prestige

When this lovely little item first came out, I totally passed. At $80… I needed another highlighter like I need a hole in the head. And really, in comparison to By Terry’s Rose Amber, it’s not as spectacular…
But on a really deep discount (I’m talking like… $60 less), I can be convinced to give it a whirl.

Blush Prestige is more golden than rose, and on my warm skin tone… it’s definitely a highlight. The formula, as usual, is amazing. It works well on bare skin and even over foundation (a few light strokes blends it in beautifully).

Good stuff. $80 good? Dunno… at least not for me. To each his/her own though. We pay for what’s important to us. I do believe that Blush Prestige has now gone the way of the dinosaur. But By Terry Or de Rose is permanent, and comes in three gorgeous colors (Amber, Fuchsia, and Coral). By Terry Or de Rose is sold at Space NK.

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Gilt City LA: Best Of LA

I stepped out after the sun went down, to sample Gilt City’s Best Of LA. Gilt is a shopping lover’s haven, with deep discounts on everything from designer duds to common kitchen ware. There’s also a ‘city specific’ portion of the website, that offers sales and promotions on some of the best places/services that an area has to offer.

I traipsed over to Cake Mix in West LA (free valet parking – PRICELESS) to see what was what.

Neiman Marcus’ youngest designer (in his sixth season!) and model wearing one of his designs.
Any event that comes complete with actual food (and not just an open bar) is all right with me.
Juice! Juice! Juice! Juice! Juice!
These lovely ladies at The Broot will ‘custom make’ your hair care … depending on your specific needs.
Had I not already been wearing a full face of makeup, I might have taken a seat in one of ‘The Fairest’ Studio chairs.
The ladies from the Spa at the Beverly Wilshire gave me the most awesome massage. They convinced me to book an appointment with merely a touch.
Blowouts… courtesy of the folks at John Frieda Salon.
Manicures from Express Spa in Hollywood
Cycle House (make mental note to further investigate the effects of spinning on this this tushy)
I don’t want to talk about it. I’ll start my diet tomorrow…

Lashing Out: Burberry Effortless Mascara

The Burberry Mascara arrived today. I wasted no time trying it out:

It’s a drier formula (not as dry as Guerlain Maxi Lash, but not as wet as say… Armani Eyes To Kill Stretch), and takes a good 3 coats to really shine. I found that if you pause for a few seconds between applying the coats, it builds very well. It’s a ‘clump free’ formula, so it goes a long way to lengthen the lashes, while adding a bit of volume.

This is a very clean formula that will leave your lashes looking… well… effortless. You can find out more about Burberry Effortless Mascara HERE.

FOTD: Burberry Test Drive

I tried the Burberry Foundation and Fresh Glow (mixed together as suggested by SA), and it turned out beautifully. The Fresh Glow adds just that.. a ‘glow’ without looking glittery or overly highlighted. It doesn’t pull pink or yellow/gold… the result is very neutral.

Burberry Fresh Glow
Burberry Sheer Foundation in #10
NARS Radiant Concealer in Ginger
Chanel Sculpting Veil in Notorious
Chanel Blush in Frivole
Hourglass Ambient Light Powder in Radiant Light (highlight)
MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Cream in #10 (outer lids)
Stila Eyeshadow in Oasis (all over lids)
NARS Eyeshadow in Mekong (outer crease/under waterline)
Guerlain Retractable Pencil in Gold (waterline)
Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara
Hourglass Femme Rouge Lipstick in Muse
MAC Lip Gelee in Goldensoft

Spring Forward: Burberry Basics

Since we’re heading into Spring in just a few days (it’s actually already pretty warm in Los Angeles), I been actively seeking lighter formulations in all things makeup… that still perform like their heavier ‘winter-appropriate’ counterparts. My search led me to the local Burberry counter.

 I’m not that familiar with the brand; lack of physical access has kind of kept me away from it. I really like to try things in person, so that I can  make an informed decision.

I ended up with three of the four basics that I think perfectly pull together a classic Burberry Face: Fresh Glow Primer/Highlighter, Sheer Foundation in Trench #10, and Lip Mist in Copper.

I also wanted the mascara, but they were out of stock (so it’s been ordered for delivery next week). I decided to pass on the concealer, because I have a ton of concealers… and honestly what I have works just fine for me.

Here’s what I learned about Burberry Foundations: They go from yellow to pink to yellow to pink and so on. So Trench #9 is more pink, while Trench #10 is distinctly yellow, and Trench #11 is darker with more pink (to neutralize the yellow). I swatched both #10 and #11 (because I wanted to make sure I got the perfect match), and I’m definitely #10.

I was initially on the fence about Fresh Glow. I’ve seen some reviews where it’s described as ‘pink’ — and reviewers said that it imparted a pink glow. It doesn’t. It’s actually a neutral shimmer (neither pink nor yellow), and nearly completely disappears when applied directly to they skin. It brightens the skin by adding the tiniest light reflecting ‘film’ over the surface, and won’t sink into lines or wrinkles.

Burberry Sheer Foundation in Trench #10:

Burberry Lip Mist in Copper:

You can find out more about Burberry Beauty HERE.

Lip Service: Hourglass Femme Rouge Lipstick in Muse

You guys know how much I love Hourglass… especially the lipsticks. I love the Old Hollywood look and feel of the product. The company has really spared no detail, from the logo etched into the case, to the cut of the lipstick bullet itself.

Recently I picked up the Femme Rouge Lipstick in Muse:

It’s a lovely coral color that will pull more pink on warmer skin tones. Despite the opaque appearance, it’s goes on semi-opaque and can be easily sheered with a lip gloss or even a lip balm.

I wore it for a recent night out with a little bit of MAC Goldensoft over it to warm the color up a bit:

Hourglass Lipstick is sold at Space NK.

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