Oscars 2013: Red Carpet Winners!

What a fantastic spectacle! This year’s Academy Awards did not disappoint… not the show, and certainly not the show’s participants (who knew Charlize Theron was so light on her feet?).  I hope to see more of that kind of show in the Academy’s future.

These are some of my Red Carpet favorites:

 Oh, how I’ve missed Charlize Theron! She looked absolutely regal. I LOVE her hair short, and her makeup was just perfect. I didn’t even mind that pemplum (which normally would annoy me). I think her height really makes it work. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

 UTTERLY.FABULOUS. I LOVED everything about Jessica Chastain’s ensemble… top to bottom. She was polished perfection, and that shade of warm gold was the perfect choice to set off her copper locks. She can wear a red lip like no other… she looked amazing.

I wasn’t sure that I was going to love this dress until I saw it in motion. Jennifer Anniston managed to look red-carpet ready and ready for the beach all at once. Despite the strict construction of this dress… she moved in it like she was wearing the most comfortable sweats… she looked at ease and very comfortable in her own skin. And really, confidence is the sexiest thing that any woman can wear.

Halle! You got the memo! Thank you for switching it up! And this dress … designed by Donatella Versace… can only be worn on a body that has NOTHING to hide. She wore that dress like it was the most comfortable thing on earth. Anyone else would have been struggling to suck it in and stand tall and look comfortable all at once. Not Halle. And her hair and makeup were the perfect complement… just enough without overwhelming that powerful pattern. She looked absolutely perfect.

That’s it! Those are my red carpet picks for Oscars 2013! Now I’m dragging my exhausted behind to bed… Ciao for now!

5 Replies to “Oscars 2013: Red Carpet Winners!”

  1. I loved Charlize Theron. She looked so amazing, hair, makeup, dress, everything. If I knew short hair would look a tenth as good on me as it does on her (or Halle Berry, for that matter), I would get it cut tomorrow. And I agree with you, I was happy to see Halle wear more than 2 inches of fabric. And she still managed to chose a dress only she could look this good in! Now I wish Heidi Klum would get the memo, too….PS: I think I Charlize used to be a ballet dancer.

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