Beauty On The Inside: The Three Day Juice Fast

I really want a slice of pizza right now.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to ‘detox’ physically, mentally and spiritually. I’ve been taking each endeavor one day at a time.

Now, I’m still recovering from the effects of too many Glutathione shots (my skin will never forgive me), so I decided to clean out the old pipes the old fashioned way: with juice.

Here in Los Angeles, it seems like there’s a juice bar on every corner… and everyone is claiming to change your life with just one swig of their mystery elixir. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t wasting my time (or my money), so I did a little research.

I hit up some of the majors (BluePrint and the newly formed/celebrity driven GLO Bio)… and for about 300+ they’ll promise to change you from the inside out. I looked for lesser (read: cheaper) known companies, and found Pressed Juicery… but there’s so much controversy about the fact that it’s not 100% organic and ‘when’ they press their juices (they are pressed off site), that I passed it by.

Then I found The Real Juice:

The first thing that got my attention was the process. The juices are 100% organic, cold pressed (never heated) and unpasturized. The second thing that got my attention was the size. Each bottle is 16 ounces (not 8 ounces like some of the others). The third thing that got my attention was the price.

I caught a fantastic deal on and got a 3 day cleanse (which I’m told is the most practical… more effective than a one day cleanse and not as excessive as a five day cleanse) for little more than $100. And the best part about The Real Juice… is the owner. Shila is quick to respond by phone or email, and offers unlimited support while you cleanse.

So I told her I would chronicle my journey, and she says she’s happy to answer any questions for the blog or the magazine as needed.

I chose the second level cleanse, because I’m no stranger to juicing. But, I’ve never done a complete fast in this fashion, so this extreme cleansing process is new to me. The difference between a first level and second level cleanse, is the amount of ‘green’ juice that you have to drink. For me, it’s 3 bottles a day.
They arrived on my doorstep with more freezer packs than one will ever need, and a lovely little freezer bag to carry the juices with me when I travel.

The first day was pretty easy. It’s a LOT of juice — and you drink a bottle every couple of hours. I was not hungry… not once. In fact, I couldn’t finish all of the bottles. I did polish off the last bottle this morning during yoga. My energy level hasn’t changed, and I’m still not hungry.

I’m now at the end of Day 2. Today was a little more difficult. I really did NOT want to drink any more of the green juice after about a bottle an a half (there is still a bottle and a half in the fridge as I type this. I will likely polish off half a bottle before bed and leave the other for tomorrow when I work out.

I’m still not hungry. I’m not thirsty either. I’m not… anything. I have absolutely no appetite. But I do want some pizza. At this point,  I think it’s more of a texture thing.

There is the wonderful side effect of an utterly flat belly, a few pounds and maybe half an inch… but I’ll wait until after Day 3 for a full assessment.

So far, so good. I’ll report back when it’s done!

2 Replies to “Beauty On The Inside: The Three Day Juice Fast”

  1. That sounds so healthy! I think its a convenient, easy way to detox without worrying about the mechanics yourself. I would love to do a 3 day juice detox but the thought of all that shopping for fresh organic produce, storing it (ok, not hard!:D), juicing AND clean-up is more than I can stand, so yes paying someone to do the work is bliss.I will look into this. Look forward to reading your results, especially skin and weight changes.

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