Eye Adore: Chantecaille Single Eyeshadow (Sel)

This is one of those staple colors that you have no idea how you lived so long without…

The Chantecaille Eyeshadow in Sel is so versatile, that I’m trying to figure out why I didn’t discover this color sooner. It’s a pale taupe/beige… that looks different on every skintone. On fair skin, it’s a lovely dark beige… almost brown shimmer. On medium tone skin it nearly imitates a ‘flesh’ color, and just lights up the eye area. On darker skin it’s a pale shimmer taupe that’s more gorgeous than garish.

Color me completely in love.

This color can be applied sheer or dense. If you apply it sheer, it adds a sheen to the skin, and makes the lid look ‘wet.’ If you apply it dense, it does something totally different.

You can find out more about Chantecaille Single Eyeshadow in Sel HERE.

5 Replies to “Eye Adore: Chantecaille Single Eyeshadow (Sel)”

  1. Pretty colour, I'm yet to try this brand jus e price puts me off haha but I believe we get what e pay for innit.I was meaning to ask if I buy the Bobbi brown eye brightener would I need the corrector as well. I don't hav fine lines or dark circles@all jus my eye area needs somethn to make me look more alive early mornings. Thanks

  2. I'm glad you discovered this eyeshadow! Sel is one of my favourite eyeshadows and is a gem in my collection. I was fortunate enough to be given Sel by a kind beauty-lovin' soul.

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