5 Replies to “Eye Adore: Kevyn Aucoin Duo (#203)”

  1. HiI recently found your blog and have been enjoying reading your extensive knowledge and reviews!I was reading an old post on Dior Nude foundation and you stated it was too dark for you but you would 'correct it up'. How does one go about doing this? I have some foundations which are too dark for me but the next shade up is too light and would love to know how I can work with them. I am MAC C8 for reference.Thanks!

  2. Hi Lii! Thanks for checking out the blog! I have some foundations that are very light (I'm a makeup artists so my foundation collection runs the gamut), so I'll mix a lighter foundation with the same properties (in the case of Dior NUDE it would be a hydrating foundation) to correct 'up.' I have to tell you though, it's no longer necessary for me to do so with Dior NUDE, as they have released a new (much more improved) color range in that foundation formula.

  3. Instead of buying a full sized foundation in the same range that's too light for you, try to get a 'sample' of the lighter color, and just use it as a mixer to get the shade you want. Hope that helps!

  4. Thanks, thats a great idea!I may try to purchase a lighter drugstore foundation since I have no samples at present.Hopefully this will help me hang onto my current one without breaking the bank.Can you recommend any good drugstore brands? I have oily skin.Thanks:)

  5. I'm afraid I'm not most knowledgeable resource for drugstore brands. I've used Revlon Photoready foundation and it worked well on my oily skin. I did have concerns about 'flashback' with it though. However, as a 'mixer' it might work out very well.

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