Flawless Finish: Bobbi Brown BB Cream

Happy 2013 everyone! No, I haven’t forgotten about the LORAC giveaway or to make resolutions (which we’ll just turn into affirmations for 2013). Little Charlie has been a bit of a handful as he gets used to his new digs. He kind of wants to do things his way (like play in the front yard instead of the backyard), and he gets a little annoyed when he can’t get what he wants. We’re getting there… little by little.

Meanwhile, I thought we’d start the New Year with a lovely thing from Bobbi Brown. The company released a BB cream that turns out to be quite worth the hype.

 I was skeptical about hopping on the BB Cream bandwagon. I find that most BB Creams are glorified tinted moisturizers. And most of them don’t run in any shade darker than, say, beige. So I approached this formula from Bobbi Brown with a bit of caution.
Mine is the shade in Medium Dark, which is more Medium than Dark. I was worried that it would be too light, but what’s interesting about this formula is that it kind of ‘merges’ into your own skin color and adjusts accordingly.

I love the way it feels on my skin. I have to say, I’m impressed with what it’s doing so far. You can find out more about Bobbi Brown BB Cream HERE.

5 Replies to “Flawless Finish: Bobbi Brown BB Cream”

  1. I have this bb cream. It's pretty good, but not great, for anyone with imperfections like redness or hyperpigmentation. I ended up going back to my regular foundation in order to camouflage my imperfections.

  2. Marla, you're right about the coverage. But if I need a little help, then I mix it with a stronger foundation… that way I still get the SPF. Happy New Year Sharon! Wishing you a fabulous 2013 as well!Emmy, I've never tried the Garnier one. What do you think of it?

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