Meet Charlie Parker

I was all set to do a fantastic FOTD for you guys (seriously, with sparkles and EVERYTHING)  but a little guy named Charlie Parker changed everything.

 First meeting with Charlie at my friend’s house

One of my friends saw someone push little Charlie out of a moving vehicle (SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?). He pulled over and scooped up this little Beagle/Pug (aka Puggle) mix, and took him to the vet and got him checked out.

Charlie with his temporary foster sister at my friend’s house

While Charlie was with the vet, he got updated shots, de-wormed and microchipped.

Then my friend put Charlie up on Facebook, and asked if anyone could give him a home. My friend already has a dog and a new baby, and can’t really take in any additional pets.

I didn’t hesitate. I saw Charlie bright and early this morning (instead of staying home and doing the FOTD). He ran right  up to me, tail just wagging all over the place, and got right in my face! I gave him a big hug and we took him home.

Charlie jumping up on my friend and saying goodbye

My other dogs took to him ‘right away.’ Last I checked (they’re being supervised by hubby) they were running around the backyard and chasing each other.

It looks like Charlie is home.

So I ended this year by pouring a little love over a darling little dog, who is now part of our little family.

I couldn’t have asked for a better blessing.

7 Replies to “Meet Charlie Parker”

  1. Charlie Parker is a sweetheart! I hope you post more about him. My fiancé and I adopted a rescue cat two weeks ago (a black beauty like yours) and we're astounded anyone would let her go. Here's to animals and the people who love them. 🙂

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