Eye Adore: By Terry Creme Brulee

This has to be one the best eyeshadows for the widest range of use….

I came across By Terry eye shadow in creme brulee during an extra long chat with my Miss Stephanie C. at Space NK. The golden orange color caught my eye… but when I swatched it, I found out that it wasn’t very golden or orange at all.

Looks like it might go golden or even a little pink, right? Not so much. On my warm skin tone it actually just adds a bit of light. It’s like my skin, on its absolute best day ever. On Stephanie (who is among the palest beauties), it’s adds peach light, like a healthy glow.

It’s both gorgeous in texture and performance… the formula is silky and easily holds on these oily eyelids. By Terry Creme Brulee has quickly become a staple in my regular makeup practice. There is every chance that I’ll hit pan on this lovely shadow sooner rather than later.

You can find out more about By Terry Eye Shadow in Creme Brulee HERE.

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