Lip Service: Hourglass ICON

This Holiday Season, pucker up with the ultimate collection of red lippies!

It’s no mystery why Hourglass appropriately named its blue-red shades of Lipstick, gloss, matte lacquer, and lip pencil ICON. The weight and feel of the lipstick packaging alone makes it… well… iconic. It feels like Old Hollywood. It’s luxurious without being obnoxious. It’s definitely something you want to pull out of your purse in public for a quick touch up.

Each one of these products is amazing in its own right. Each is high in pigmentation and feel amazing on the lips.
Lip Pencil   /   Lip Gloss  / Opaque Rouge Lacquer  /  Lipstick
Hourglass Lip Gloss in ICON
Hourglass Opaque Rouge Lacquer in ICON
 Hourglass Lipstick in ICON
All of these lippies exceed expectations in terms of wear and comfort. The gloss is non-sticky, the opaque rouge wears like a moisturizing stain, and the lipstick wears like a comfortable lip balm. I applied all with no additional moisturizing or exfoliating.
I am over the moon at this collection of reds. They are a luxurious way to to truly make you feel like an ICON.
You can find out more about Hourglass ICON Here.
*pr sample

3 Replies to “Lip Service: Hourglass ICON”

  1. (((Sharon)))… sorry for making your wishlist longer! I love them all. I think the Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick is the most versatile, but there's truly nothing like the regular lipstick. It's SO elegant. This is an amazing collection of red lippies.

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