Les Essentials De Chanel (Holiday 2012)

Chanel released the final collection of goodies for the year, including the highly anticipated Volume de Chanel Mascara (which lives up to the hype). They’re doing some funky pre-order thing online, with anticipated sales for Black Friday, and the stores only sold them for one day. Now, everyone has to wait until next Friday to get the rest. All this hype… for what is reportedly going to be a permanent addition to the makeup roster.

But back to the collection:

Liquid Eyeliners in Platine and Purple, Volume de Chanel Mascara, Illusion d’ Ombre in Abstraction, Illusion d Ombre in Vision.

Liquid Eyeliner in Platine
Liquid Eyeliner in Purple
Volume de Chanel Mascara
Now, here’s the funny thing about this formula. It lengthens and curls your lashes (without need of a lash curler) beautifully. The volume is okay. It’s not amazing. So I find it funny that it’s being marketed as a volumizing mascara. It’s the best mascara Chanel has come up with yet, in my opinion. 
Illusion d Ombre in Abstraction
Illusion d Ombre in Vision
(much brighter and more glittery than Apparence)
There is also a black liquid liner that I was inclined to skip. This collection is already out at my local Macy’s and Bloomingdales stores. I hear that Nordstrom has it as well. It is not up on the Chanel website yet, but I imagine they will catch up soon. Must have of the collection is the mascara, for sure. The Vision Illusion d’ Ombre is a bigger standout than Abstraction, and the Platine liquid liner is to die for (I have every intention of using it as a waterproof eyeshadow). 
I’ll put these babies to good use in upcoming projects and FOTD’s. Ciao for now!

8 Replies to “Les Essentials De Chanel (Holiday 2012)”

  1. Are the liquid liners really permanent? I picked up Vision and Abstraction today and bought the mascara a few weeks ago. It would be nice if the liners were permanent so I didn't have to rush to pick them up.Oh and I will check on my Illusion d'ombres and make sure they look okay.

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