Lip Service: Mia Mariu

A lovely brand called Mia Mariu made its way to the Adventures In Makeup offices…
The company offers a selection of lip colors and formulas that are rather impressive. They’re both hydrating and highly saturated with color, and I found them very comfortable and easy to wear.

Top:  Hydrating Stick Glosses in Tango, Encanto, Granada, and Seduccion
Bottom: Lip Liners in Merlot and Marron, and Lip Gloss in Tentacion
Encanto (my favorite)
Merlot & Marron
Color me impressed with this lip selection. I can’t believe how flattering the colors are… I’m particularly blown away by Encanto (which I thought might look garish on my warm skin tone). The price point for these lippies is attractive as well…they range from $11 to $15. You can find out more about Mia Mariu products HERE.

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