Lip Service: Chanel Rouge Noir

Chanel Rouge Noir (Vamp) Lip Liner and Rouge Allure Lipstick are items that allow you to celebrate your inner Goth… elegantly. The rich brown-red color is perfect for the Autumn/Winter season.

One note about the Rouge Noir pencil… it might not say it’s waterproof, but it is. I tried to wipe it off my arm after the swatch and it would not budge. Here’s what happened when I scrubbed the area with regular hand soap and water and a cotton ball:

I finally had to get the rest off with makeup remover and a fresh cotton ball. 

I love both of these items. You can find out  more about Chanel Rouge Noir Lip Products HERE.

3 Replies to “Lip Service: Chanel Rouge Noir”

  1. No it IS much darker than it appears in the pictures. The flash is bringing out the 'berry' tones in the lipstick. The pencil isn't that dark, but the lipstick is VERY dark. Pay attention to the color in the tube. It's much more accurate in terms of color saturation.

  2. Gorgeous! I really like the plum colors out right now but I don't think they'd work on my fair skin. I always wonder how those shades might look as blushes though.

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