Lip Service: OCC Lip Tars

I’m late to this, but I finally tried and purchased three of the latest colors in the OCC Lip Tar selection…

Strumpet             Black Dahlia              Starling
Black Dahlia
The thing about OCC Lip Tars is that your lips really need to be in top shape before you use them. As you can see, I had some dryness with Black Dahlia, and it totally shows. Boo! But, dryness aside, I love these colors. 
Strumpet is like the grown up sister of Anime (still one of my favorite Lip Tars), Black Dahlia is the Lip Tar response to Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, and Starling reminds me of a more matte version of NARS Autumn Leaves.
I tend to carry lip tars on professional jobs, because I never know what combination I might need, and it’s a lot smarter than schlepping along a ton of lipsticks. If I’m working on one client, then I’ll take specific products to suit that person. But if it’s a shoot that will incorporate all manner of colors and textures, nothing beats OCC Lip Tars to mix and match accordingly. I love these things. I’ve been using them for years. 
You can find out more about OCC Lip Tars HERE.

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