Beauty Basics: Givenchy Autumn/Winter 2012

Givenchy  is prepping faces for the coming Winter with a new Matte Foundation and Mascara, that I feel screams ‘cool weather glamour.’ The new Eclat Matissme Foundation promises a ‘radiant’ matte finish. Forgive my confusion… but how is that possible? It turns out, the foundation is neither radiant nor matte… but both. We know it as ‘demi matte.’

Eclat Matissme Foundation     Noir Couture Mascara
Eclat Matissme Foudation
Foundation Type: Liquid
Skin Type: All
Finish: Demi Matte
This is the cutest, strangest little bottle. It took me a minute to figure out how to open it (I didn’t read the instructions on the box. SMH)…

The color I have is #8 (Amber). It matches my skin perfectly. I do believe this is the darkest foundation color in the range. So I’d say that based on the color range, this foundation is best suited to very pale to medium skin tones. I’m happy to report that #8 contains the right amount of yellow/golden undertones, to suit my skin color.

This is a great medium to medium-full coverage. I found that it builds easily without going streaky or ashy. One pump covered my whole face with a medium coverage. Half a pump more was good for building up to medium-full.

I found this foundation comfortable, and pretty good at oil control. However, it’s not drying at all, so I think it’ll work well on dry skin types. There is a ‘little’ weight to it at first. I was bothered because I could feel the foundation on my skin. But after about a minute or so (I’m guessing this is how long it takes to set), it became completely weightless. I’ve been able to wear it with minimal blotting through  my t-zone when I wear it without powder. With powder, I blotted once in an 8 hour period. For my oily skin, that’s a victory.

Noir Couture Mascara
Type: Lengthening & Volumizing
I’m a self proclaimed mascara snob (in terms of performance, not  price), so I was skeptical when this mascara first crossed my desk. I’ve never been a fan of  phenomen’eyes Mascara (I was never moved by that wand or that formula), so I wondered what Givenchy did differently this time.
At least the applicator is longer on this one.
As it turns out, this formula is excellent. What I love about it is that it’s both lengthening and volumizing in practical application (not just on paper), and that it’s buildable over time. That means, your lashes don’t get all crunchy if you wait too long to apply your next coat. I put on 2 coats without curling my lashes, and this is what happened…

Givenchy definitely has a winner on their hands with this one. I dare say, this mascara will easily fit into my regular rotation. I’m totally impressed.

Both of these products are available at Sephora. You can find out more about them HERE.

*pr sample

5 Replies to “Beauty Basics: Givenchy Autumn/Winter 2012”

  1. I got a sample of the Givenchy mascara with a Sephora purchase and I was surprised by how much I liked it. I used it all up a few weeks ago and I plan on buying the full size. It's really good. That foundation looks nice,too. Should I bother?

  2. I'm definitely impressed with the mascara Shontay. I'm so surprised at how effective it is. I'd say you're going to get more coverage with the D&G foundation. Now, if you want a medium coverage 'matte' foundation, this is a good one. It will set more matte than the D&G for sure. Plus, I really don't think it'll irritate your dry skin. BUT, I suggest you get a sample first. Test it out and see how you like it.

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