Product Review: Forward Skin Care

My skin care regimen took a ‘tightening’ turn over the last two weeks…

I began using ‘Forward Skin’ Supreme Serum and Lift & Firm Cream exclusively, for thorough review.

To truly assess the benefits of these skin care products, I abandoned all other elements of my regimen (except cleaning and clarisonic) during this testing phase.

Forward Skin Care is focused exclusively on anti aging. The cozy line of products all lean toward the same goal: tighter, younger looking skin. Now since I’m no longer such a ‘young lady’ — these products are not only geared toward my age group… I’m most likely to see results in the areas where I am beginning to mature.

**I was sent a two week supply of the Supreme Serum. It’s worth noting that this formula doesn’t look or behave like normal ‘serums.’ It’s extremely thin. One test pump on the back of my  hand, and the formula immediately ran off. Freaked me out the first time. 🙂 I thought I had to shake it up or something. Nope. That’s just how thin the formula is.

Ingredients: Distilled Water. Triethanolamine, Argireline. Tri-peptide 5. Kojic acid. Vitamin C MAP, Niacinamide. Phenoxyethanol, Triethanolamine. Pro-vitamin B5-Ferulic acid. Carbomer. EDTA. Hyaluronic acid. Fragrance.

Because of its thin texture, it absorbed into my clean skin ‘immediately.’ I mean, there is NO trace of this stuff once it hits the skin. The absorption rate is total. For my oily skin, this is magically delicious. But I was worried about how a dry skin might react to such a thin formula. So I contacted the owner of the company about how this might translate on dry skin, and she told me that she has dry skin and has had no problems with it.

I also experienced a ‘tightening’ sensation after applying the serum, which worried me at first. But the brand creator tells me that there is Argireline (A peptide derived from natural proteins, and claims to actually relax facial muscles to the point of paralysis*) in the serum, and that likely explains the tightening sensation. This serum IS designed to lift and firm the skin… so that makes total sense.

After two weeks of  using the serum, I have to confess that I am a fan. I really like the fact that it absorbs so quickly, and I’ve grown fond of the herbal smell. In terms of results, there is a ‘definite’ tightening around my jawline and  under my chin (points of concern for me), although I found that it didn’t do much to address the fine lines around my eyes.

It did address my skin tone though. I found out that the serum also uses Kojic acid to even discolorations. I have a funky scar above my left eyebrow that has now faded by half. Since I’ve only been using the serum and cream, I can honestly credit it to these products.

**The Lift & Firm Cream is also notably thin. In fact, I had to be careful removing the top so that the cream wouldn’t spill out. Like the serum, it absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling a bit tight. Once again, the company creator informed me that like the serum, it can be used on dry skin types as well. I found the cream comfortable to wear under makeup or alone.


I was not the biggest fan of this cream for a completely separate reason. I noticed a ‘warming’ sensation every time I used it, which may or may not mean that it was working. Either way, I don’t like things that ‘warm’ and tingle on my face. Personal preference. My skin is extremely sensitive, so I prefer that the ‘feeling’ of using a product be as benign as possible.

Ingredients: Distilled water. SkinWhite™(bearberry leaves extract and & vitamin C. MAP) Triglyceride. SkinTight ™(Algae extract-pullulan: glucan). SkinLift ™ (Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline). Isoeicosane. Ascorbyl Palmitate. Gelmaker EMU. Glycerin. Phenoxyethanol/SA.    Vitamin A palmitate. Aloe Vera 10x concentrate. Vitamin E acetate. Cream maker blend. EDTA. Fragrance.

Looking at the ingredients, any number of things could have caused that sensation. But I admit that using the cream produced no adverse reactions on my skin. I haven’t had any breakouts or irritation or any other skin issues. That’s why I say it’s a personal preference. Someone else may absolutely love that sensation.

Now that all of my samples are used up, I can confidently say that for the most part… these products generally deliver on their promises. I prefer the serum to the cream, but mostly because I’m just picky about the way I like my skin to feel.

Serum Grade: A
Cream Grade: B-

You can find out more about Forward Skin Care HERE.


**pr sample

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