Flawless Finish: Sunday Riley Liquid Light Foundation

Foundation Type: Liquid
Skin Type: Normal to Oily
Coverage: Sheer to Medium

This is one of those ‘where have you been all my life’ daily foundations, that lets you wear makeup without you actually looking like you’re wearing any. My oily/acne prone skin fell head over heels in love from the first application. One of the things that makes this foundation special is the ingredients. It’s chock full of skin-saving goodness, including Vitamin C, Bamboo, and Magnolia Bark. The combination is supposed to soothe inflamed skin, help correct blemishes, and plump fine lines and wrinkes. Oh, and offer ‘skin perfecting’ coverage that’s light (sheer) and breathable. All that in a foundation? Sign me up!

One more plus for this product, is that the color range accounts for undertones. There is a C range (cooler/neutral) and a W range (warmer). 140C is a match for me, believe it or not, despite its incredible light color in the bottle.

See how the foundation looked a little light going on… then merged in and adjusted to go nearly invisible? I am really impressed.
Now, this is a sheer to medium coverage. If you’re looking for full coverage (or even a solid medium coverage) then this foundation is not for you. I’m a fan of the fact that it leaves your skin in better shape than it was when you put it on. And if I’m worried about any extra coverage, I can always grab a color corrector to hit the hot spots.
What’s really got me jazzed about this foundation is that it falls firmly in the ‘makeup as skin care’ category, and REALLY gives By Terry a run for its money… particularly because this foundation is $52 (as opposed to the comparable By Terry version at $112). Yeah.
You can find out more about Sunday Riley Liquid Light Foundation HERE
*pr sample

8 Replies to “Flawless Finish: Sunday Riley Liquid Light Foundation”

  1. Quite a few companies make color correctors. It really depends on your individual needs. I'm personally a fan of Bobbi Brown correctors because I like the texture. But you can also fInd correctors from Laura Mercier, MAC, Armani, and Ben Nye. Color correctors are cream based products that basically "cancel" out dark spots. They typically run with peach, pink, and orange undertones to cancel out dark blue (undereye circles), dark brown, red and even sometimes black spots.

  2. I popped into Barney's today specifically to check out this foundation in person. 140C was a good match for me too. You said your oily/acne prone skin fell head over heels in love with it but how does it do with oil control?

  3. I hope you like it as much as I do! It does have a sheer coverage, so be aware of that. But I think it wears beautifully, and I love that it's 'taking care of my skin' while I'm wearing it.

  4. WSB, this foundation range is so strange that I would strongly recommend you trying them on in person. If there's no store near you where you can play with them, try to contact Sunday Riley directly (through the company website) and see if you can get some samples based on your NARS foundation shade.

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