CV Nation Trailer (and the next Giveaway)

Hi Everyone!

Many of you remember the webseries that I’ve been working on. I’ve been talking about it over time… and keeping you guys updated on the progress. Well, the first trailer is up!

I produced the trailer (which means I married the sounds, text, and shots on paper, then turned it over to an editor to make it real). I’m VERY excited about it!

In fact, I’m so excited that I’m going to link the series to the next giveaway.

To qualify for this giveaway, you must (naturally) be a public subscriber on this blog. You must also ‘like’ the CV NATION page on Facebook, watch the trailer on Youtube, and leave a comment on the youtube page!

The winner will be chosen from Facebook likes, and Youtube commenters and subscribers (then they’ll be cross referenced here to be sure that it’s one of you guys who follow the blog here. That way, we keep it fair and make sure everyone followed the rules).

The giveaway goes up on September 30th. I think you guys are REALLY going to like the prize (it’s a must have for all makeup artists… and a fabulous addition to any makeup lover’s collection).

Details to come!

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