Eye Adore? Chanel Blue Illusion (llusion d’ Ombre)

This was one of those things where I had to think long and hard about what I wanted to do next. When Chanel released its Blue Illusion Collection. I was all over it.

I didn’t care for nail color, but I definitely wanted the Illusion d’ Ombres, and maybe one of the pencils. So when the collection went up on the Chanel website, I was all over it.

I ended up with both Illusion d’ Ombre colors in Destination and Apparition, and the Kohl Eye Pencil in Blue Aerien.

Looks great, right? Now, check this out:

What in the Sam Hell… I was PISSED. I called Chanel right away. Surely, at $36 a pot, you guys can do better than to send me two dried out pots of paint. They apologized, and asked me to return them for a full refund. They would not, however, be able to replace them. The Illusion d’Ombres were sold out. BOO! So I packed them up… but I didn’t ship them. And within days, Chanel pulled the Illusion d’Ombres off the site. I believe now only the nail polish is available. Talk about your Limited Edition.

So I called the local Chanel Boutique, and they didn’t have them either. So I thought about it.

And then I went back, opened the pots up, and pressed them into place:

I remembered that these are not typical paint pots. Which means, that they’re not exactly set to ‘dry out’ the way, say, a MAC Paint Pot would (this also means that you can’t reconstitute them the same way). Since the spongy texture of my pots was still intact, I was able to manipulate the formula to go back into place. I sealed them really tight and let them ‘sweat’ a bit in my windowsill (to catch a little sunlight)… and then I tested them with my fingers. Consistency was perfect. They swatched like any normal Illusion d’ Ombre would.

Perfect. So I’m keeping them. They seem to be behaving properly, so I’m happy again. I would say that you can find out more about these Illusion d’ Ombres on the Chanel site, but the company pulled them down. I understand that Nordstrom in Seattle, Washington is carrying the collection… and I’ve heard that a few beauties have called up there to purchase them. I sincerely hope that NO ONE got the same janky looking pots as I did. That was not cool. I need the Quality Control department at Chanel to do better. That brand is too pricey for such a slip up… although in truth, you should expect quality from any company, no matter how much the product costs.

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