Shahada’s Little Helper: Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Balm

I’ve been getting a bunch of emails about my skin care routine. I stay basic with Habibi Skin Care for oily and acne prone skin. But I constantly integrate other products into that routine, to keep my skin looking its best.

Recently, I started adding Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants balm, as a final step in my skin care routine. Here’s the thing: I have REALLY oily skin. So you’d think that this would be a no no for me. But surprisingly, this balm is not greasy, and it doesn’t clog my pores. It’s been softening the … ahem … fine lines in parts of my face, and really giving me an overall glow.

I’m going to give you the down side first. This is a REALLY small container. It’s less than half and ounce, and it’s more than $50. And they say that you only use a little bit to get the job done, but I use a finger-full to cover  my face. Whether that’s a little or a lot, is likely a matter of opinion.

I am in love with this balm. The ingredients are absolutely superb. And despite the fact that it’s called a ‘balm’ — it absorbs and leaves a beautiful glow (not an oil slick) on my face. I only have one complaint: I want it to come in a bigger jar.

You can find out more about Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants ‘Moisture Veil Balm’ HERE.

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