Armani Autumn 2012: Maestro Fusion Makeup

Don’t call it Foundation. 

Seriously… Armani has been VERY clear about the description of their new Maestro Fusion Makeup and Maestro Eraser.

I took a trip to my local Bloomingdales to see if the new bases lived up to their hype.

First of all, let’s hear it for the color range! Whoo hoo! The colors range in undertone (neutral, yellow, and red) and shades. There’s plenty to go around for everyone. It turns out I’m number #10 (the third from the last color. Notice the distinct yellowish hue). The numbering system is a bit hinky (they go from #8 to #10 to #11.5), but with a little help from Little Sister Amanda and Makeup Diva Katrina, I was able to figure it out.

The color range on the Maestro Fusion Eraser is even more hinky. The hue goes from #1 to #5… and the last one is pretty freakin’ light. Not to worry… there’s a method to this madness, as I soon discovered. The lightest touch is all that you need to get the job done. I’ve never used formulas this ‘thin’ or light before. I imagine that’s why Armani is insistent about not calling it FOUNDATION. It’s like colored water… that merges into your skin.

According to Armani, this formula is 10 times lighter than traditional foundation.

The whole idea behind this formulation is to take the idea of ‘makeup as skin care’ so literally, that the makeup deposits essential nutrients into the skin while it’s on. The only way to do that is to make the formula so thin that it acts as a carrier instead of a covering agent. I can’t believe it, but Armani seems to have managed to do both.

These are my colors. I strongly recommend trying these in person before committing, because the untertones run from neutral to warm to very warm. I thought I might be #8, which is the right shade of brown… but much too cool for me. So it went totally ashy. I thought #10 would be too dark… but wouldn’t you know it… the formula also ADJUSTS! It corrects for undertone, AND skin type. I’m not kidding. It dries matte on my oily skin, but adjusts to soft finish on a normal or drier skin type. I’m not even sure how that’s possible. But since I’ve been wearing it (several days), I’ve not had to powder ONCE. I’m impressed, to say the least.

 I started to have an attitude about the applicator, but here’s what I learned: This formula must be applied with your fingers. So you use this little dropper to put a ‘drop’ on your fingers, and blend it in fast. Speed and a light touch is key; blink, and this formula totally disappears into your skin.

I thought you might want to see what’s in it.
Can you see where I blended it? Me neither. And I moved FAST to take the picture before it set. It’s gone, just like that. But what’s so amazing is… it offers a solid medium coverage that can easily be built to full coverage. I’ve worn it both ways. When I wear it as a medium coverage, hubby had a hard time telling that I had anything on. He finally asked if I was wearing makeup, and I confessed that I was.

I cannot stress how LITTLE of this product you need to get the job done. I was fully convinced that this color would be way too light for me, so I put it on in front of Amanda and Katrina using just my fingers. you need a swipe off the tip of the applicator for both eyes. I’m not kidding. It absorbs within seconds, and just adds light to the area. Iron Chelator is the key ingredient in this formula… continued use is supposed to do away with the most common causes of dark circles, puffiness, and those pesky fine lines.

Put me down as a fan. I’ve never come across anything like this. It’s thinner than Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup (a favorite) with the coverage of Double Wear Light. Talk about your miracle in a bottle.

17 Replies to “Armani Autumn 2012: Maestro Fusion Makeup”

  1. It reflects light like you wouldn't believe. It's covers without covering. This formula is hard to articulate. It's SO thin that you think it's not doing anything, and then you realize that it's working. I recommend testing it out for yourself. Just remember that a light touch is key, and a little bit of this product goes a long way.

  2. Good first impressions post! I had the EXACT same experience! I too left the store with shade 8 because both 8 and 10 looked like a dead-on match, which I thought was weird. However once I wore it the next day I just felt a bit off b/c I have so much gold in my skin. I went back and one of my favorite MUA's told me "you feel muted, right?" And that was correct! Lol so I got shade 10, which is perfect. And I'm glad you mentioned the concealer because I was so mad that they had such light shades but nothing for deeper tones. I had no idea the concealer was like that; I didn't even give it a second look. I think I'll stop by Armani and pick it up after work. I should do a video review soon. ~sP

  3. Yeah… 8 looks like it works, but 10 is really the best shade for golden undertones. 8 is definitely 'muted'(GREAT description) and better suited to medium shades with neutral or cool undertones. Definitely give the concealer a whirl. I think you'll be impressed by how effective it is, despite the pale shade selection.

  4. I am so in love with this makeup but living in the UK they only go up to shade 8 which blends but takes away my warmth to an extent. I have been looking online to see if any U.S sites would ship to the UK, no luck so far :(. I know shade 10 would be right for me. It's so annoying that they don't carry all the shades as if there is NOT a market for it. grrr

  5. Well I went back and tried the #5 concealer. I used a lot, then a little; I still was a hot ashy mess so I gave up lol. I decided to pick up the Master Corrector though, which I never have tried before so I was okay with that. Oh, and have you ever tried Burberry? I know you may not like it b/c of your skintype, but that Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation (I wear shade 11) is EVERYTHING! Omg and their highlighting concealer (I wear shade 6)? Primer? OMG…I'm in love. ~sP

  6. I'm so sorry that the eraser didn't work out for you. At least you tried it first. I'd hate for someone to buy it, only to find out it doesn't work. I've actually never tried Burberry PRECISELY because of my skin type! LOLI'll take a closer look at it, per your recommendation. 🙂

  7. I finally got to try this today and had a really tough time with a shade match. I am usually a MAC NC40-42 and felt that Armani Maestro #8 was the closest match… but it wasn't perfect. And strangely enough the Maestro eraser #2.5 seemed the best match… but again was not perfect 😦 I'm still on the fence about how it wears since it's hard to really tell when the shade is problematic.

  8. If you're NC 40-42 then #8 is likely the closest match. I have a rule now about foundations though. If a match is not absolutely perfect, I skip it. I don't want to go through a lot of changes to make a foundation work for my skin tone. I used to add color correctors and what not, but that got expensive, and honestly I'd just rather have a color match me right out of the bottle. The good news is, there is always a new foundation and new formulation to try. I had a similar issue when Chanel released the Vitalumiere Aqua and I wanted to use it on my skin so bad… but there was no shade for me. Take a look at Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup. The formula is not AS thin as Armani Maestro, but it's very good. And the shade range is a lot more comprehensive. Plus it's about $30 cheaper. That's always a nice perk. 🙂

  9. Well you might hate Burberry's foundation; I totally wasn't thinking about your skin I was on a Burberry high lol. It is sooooooooooooo pretty! I'm just happy to see deeper shades! I wish they had the velvet one (matte finish) in deeper tones…oh well I'm happy with the one I have. I really haven't seen anything like it. I mean, I love Guerlain Parure Aqua, I ADORE NARS Sheer Glow, but this? Oh my! Lol. ~sP

  10. LOL It's totally fine. I was actually looking at the Velvet formula from Burberry… and was disappointed to find that the shade range is very limited. I'd probably like the luminous version for sheer coverage in the Summer. Although I have to tell you, NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer is the BUSINESS for summer wear.

  11. Hi! You just have to help me :)I can't get swatches from this foundation since I live far away from everything and in the wrong country, so I need to get it right on my online order..I am fair with very yellow undertones. My friend has the #2 which I tried and while it looks almost like my skin it is a tad too white on me. I wish it was a teeny bit darker and more yellow.I think I'm a NC20 but am not sure. The PERFECT match for me is Shiseidu Sun Protection Liquid Foundation in SP30. I'd love it if there's a match among the armani shades. Do you think #4 or #4.5 would be a better match for me or are they too dark?I love your blog!

  12. Hi Camilla,I went to the website and the swatches look horrible (they're not even close to the real life swatches), so I'd have to look at them in person. The next shade after #2 is #3, and I'm not sure if that particular shade goes yellow or pink. I have a two-fold solution for you. If you would please email me your picture at (without any makeup on), I can go into my local store and see if the foundation pulls yellow or pink in the next two shades up.Also, please contact Armani Beauty directly (there should be a number on the website) and explain your shading to them as well. They might also be able to send you samples of shades #3 and #4, which are the next darkest shades in the lineup. I'm not sure if they will do that, but it's certainly worth a shot.I think, with all hands on deck, we may be able to find a solution for you. Hopefully, we can find your perfect shade!

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