CV Nation Giveaway: MAKE UP FOR EVER Flash Palette

In 5 days, Episode One of CV Nation will hit the internet. I designed (and applied) the makeup for each of the characters, and produced the trailer for the series.

I told you guys that I was going to do a giveaway in connection with the series, so here it is!

 One of the items that I used to create the looks on the characters was the Make Up For Ever Flash Palette. I think that in addition to being a kit essential, this palette is a fabulous addition to any makeup lover’s collection. So I’m paying this one forward in a giveaway.

To qualify, you must be a PUBLIC SUBSCRIBER of this blog. You must ALSO ‘Like’ the CV Nation Facebook Page.  

If you want an additional entry, you can subscribe to the CV Nation Youtube Channel (where the first episode will be broadcast). This will help amp your chances of winning.

Winners will be chosen from the CV Nation Facebook Page, then cross referenced on this blog (you have to both follow the blog and like the Facebook Page to win).

As always, the giveaway is OPEN INTERNATIONALLY.

The winner will be announced on November 15th. 

Mixed Chicks Giveaway: WINNER!

The Winner Is…

You won: 
Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner
Mixed Chicks Hair Silk
Mixed Chicks Straightening Serum
I’ve already sent you an email. Please respond to the email within 48 hours with your  mailing address, and I’ll pack your prize up and get it shipped out to you! Congratulations again!

Eye Adore: Chanel Illusion d’Ombre (Riviere)

The Illusion d’Ombre in Riviere was the only other piece I was interested in, in the Fleur de Lotus collection (you’ve already seen swatches of the blush and eyeshadow quad).

It’s nearly impossible to capture the aqua shimmer on camera. the way it looks in the pot in this picture is pretty much dead on. But it also translates true to my warm skintone… and that’s an unexpected surprise. I expected the aqua color to be lost on me, but it’s not.

I’m happy to report that this Illusion d’Ombre came quite intact. I really think that the Blue Illusion Pots were a rush job and that Chanel didn’t put as much emphasis on ‘quality’ control.

You can find out more about Illusion d’Ombre in Riviere HERE.

Flawless Finish: Sunday Riley Liquid Light Foundation

Foundation Type: Liquid
Skin Type: Normal to Oily
Coverage: Sheer to Medium

This is one of those ‘where have you been all my life’ daily foundations, that lets you wear makeup without you actually looking like you’re wearing any. My oily/acne prone skin fell head over heels in love from the first application. One of the things that makes this foundation special is the ingredients. It’s chock full of skin-saving goodness, including Vitamin C, Bamboo, and Magnolia Bark. The combination is supposed to soothe inflamed skin, help correct blemishes, and plump fine lines and wrinkes. Oh, and offer ‘skin perfecting’ coverage that’s light (sheer) and breathable. All that in a foundation? Sign me up!

One more plus for this product, is that the color range accounts for undertones. There is a C range (cooler/neutral) and a W range (warmer). 140C is a match for me, believe it or not, despite its incredible light color in the bottle.

See how the foundation looked a little light going on… then merged in and adjusted to go nearly invisible? I am really impressed.
Now, this is a sheer to medium coverage. If you’re looking for full coverage (or even a solid medium coverage) then this foundation is not for you. I’m a fan of the fact that it leaves your skin in better shape than it was when you put it on. And if I’m worried about any extra coverage, I can always grab a color corrector to hit the hot spots.
What’s really got me jazzed about this foundation is that it falls firmly in the ‘makeup as skin care’ category, and REALLY gives By Terry a run for its money… particularly because this foundation is $52 (as opposed to the comparable By Terry version at $112). Yeah.
You can find out more about Sunday Riley Liquid Light Foundation HERE
*pr sample

Lip Service: By Terry Rouge Terrybly (Autumn 2012)

Just in time for Autumn, By Terry has released four new lipsticks in their rich ‘Rouge Terrybly’ formula.

I was particularly blown away by the color scheme in this latest collection. The saturation level of these lipsticks is absolutely amazing. Now, you’d think I’d be gaga over that orange, but I found it to be more of a coral. I did fall head over heels, however, with the red and the deep plum colors.

Red Ceremony
Carnal Attraction
This formula is so potent and these colors are so RICH… I’m in love. There is also a coral color, a pink based beige, and a burnished brown color. Of them all, these were my absolute favorites. You can find out more about By Terry Rouge Terrybly HERE.

Tales From The Set: Hat = Art w/ Alakazia

I spent the day shooting the Spring 2013 line for couture hat designer Alakazia. I know that whenever I shoot with him, I need to be prepared to put in the hours. He works hard, and he’s not into slacking on the set. I love that. He keeps us well fed and entertained, but we definitely challenge ourselves to get as much done as we possibly can.

I snuck a few shots in between the photographer’s shots. Alakazia wanted a lot of the makeup fresh… but really polished (not sheer), so I did my best to fulfill his wishes. We changed hats, lip colors, looks, and lashes more than a few times… but I thought the result was absolutely beautiful.

Shots from my makeup chair:

The magic hands of Nicole (hair stylist) touching up the model’s hair.

And this is why I say Hat = Art:

Absolutely amazing. I had a wonderful time. I got to see some of the photographer’s much more professional shots, and they look gorgeous. When I get to see the final pictures, I’ll post them here. Ciao for now!

Flawless Finish: Dolce & Gabbana Liquid Luminous Foundation

Type: Liquid Foundation
Skin Type: Normal to Dry
Coverage: Medium to Medium-Full (Buildable)

I think that for every foundation review going forward, I’ll list them in terms of skin type and coverage. I have been testing this foundation out for the last 3 weeks or so, and I feel that I can make such a judgement on it by now.

One of the best things about this foundation is that the colors run parallel to the Dolce & Gabbana Cream Foundation. So my color is exactly the same… Soft Tan. Takes all of the guesswork out of choosing your foundation color in this brand. Love that.

It comes in a typical pump bottle… about 1oz of product. The consistency of this foundation is thick and creamy. It reminds me a LOT of the YSL Teint Eclat foundation.

See… pretty full coverage. Because I am so oily, I’m not a fan of wearing this foundation during the day. Like YSL Teint Eclat, I prefer this for nighttime, when it’s cooler and maybe I want a more dramatic coverage. It has the same type of coverage as Teint Eclat … medium and easily buildable to full. I’ve had great success building it to a full coverage, and still maintaining the integrity and intended finish of the foundation.

Special thanks to Shontay for putting this foundation on my radar. It’s quite lovely. You can find out more about Dolce & Gabbana Liquid Luminous Foundation HERE.

Emmys 2012: Top Beauty Picks

I worked much of the morning and afternoon, getting clients ready for the Emmy Awards on Sunday. But I did make it home in time to see the Red Carpet arrivals, and get a good look at who really pulled their ensembles off effortlessly.
My top picks contradict some of the more popular opinions, but I don’t care. I like what I like. Here is who blew me away this year:

I don’t think that the ‘critics’ quite knew what to do with this ensemble by Hayden P., But I LOVED it. I loved the idea of the blue over gold (unusual color choice), and I thought she wore it beautifully. Her hair is up and simple, and does not clash with the dress, and the makeup is effortless. If you’re going to wear a complicated dress, the rest should simple. Clearly, Hayden got the memo. I thought she looked absolutely gorgeous.

Tina Fey got slammed for this outfit… not because it looked bad, but because it looked like every other strapless number she wears on the red carpet. So what? She knows what works, and she sticks with it. Kudos to her. I thought this dress… particularly the color… really offset her hair color. Love the embellishment at the bodice, the earrings, the hair and the makeup. She looked comfortable, effortless, and absolutely beautiful.

Sophia Vergara is another woman who sticks to what works. She celebrates every curve in body conscious styles that showcase her best assets. I loved the color choice (a departure from her typical ‘primary color’ choices), and even the insane amount of sequins didn’t bother me. Sophia was channeling her inner Mermaid. I say kudos.

Hellooooooooooooooooooo NURSE! Is that Edie Falco? My goodness, I thought she looked amazing. Even though the cut and style of this dress is unusual, it worked on her because it showed off the fact that she hasn’t been slacking on the workouts. I love that she kept the makeup minimal and the hair off her face for the most part (I don’t remember ever seeing Edie Falco with a bang). She’s come a LONG way from Carmella Soprano.

This is one of those ensembles that either goes really right or REALLY wrong. But on Lucy Liu, it really worked. I don’t know HOW she pulled it off (I mean.. that’s a LOT of silver and a lot of sequins), but she did. It probably helps that she’s so petite and can wear just about anything. I loved this look on her. I thought she balanced that massive amount of metallic with simple hair and makeup. I love that she kept the ponytail soft because it balanced the severe cut of the dress and her clutch. The whole look came off soft and structured all at once, I and I thought she pulled it off beautifully.
That’s it! Those are my Emmy Beauty picks for 2012. Ciao for now!

Chanel Fleur De Lotus (Collection)

Chanel let the folks in the United States get a shot at the Fleur de Lotus Collection. The Eyeshadow Quad and the namesake blush made to my doorstep…

Fleur De Lotus Blush
Rives Eyeshadow Quad
Both of these items are the best of the collection. The Riviere Illusion D’Ombre is lovely, but better suited to spring, I think. It’ll come later. But these I LOVE for right now. The quad is awesome for Autumn, and I think that Fleur de Lotus is like a pinky/coral sister to Malice blush. Love it. 
You can find out more about the Fleur de Lotus Collection HERE.

Rouge Bunny Rouge: Refills and Glassy Goodness

My love affair continues with this lovely brand. Rouge Bunny Rouge is such a girly treat… I always feel like a fairy princess when I use this makeup. Recently, received the refillable Eye Shadow Keeper and one of the new Glassy Glosses.

The individual eyeshadows (Olive Violeteare & Trumpeter Koel are shown) come in these adorable little individual envelopes. They remind me of the MAC Pro palette shadows… same concept.

Now I have to admit, I was worried about the Glassy Gloss. I thought the color (Mousse Fandango) would be too light for me. But the color is so sheer, that it really complements just about any skin tone.

It also works very well layered over other lipsticks and (my personal favorite) lip pencils. You can find out more about Rouge Bunny Rouge products HERE.

*pr sample