Kit Essential: Z Palette

I don’t believe that I know a Makeup Artist who doesn’t have at least one of these babies… even if it’s a small one to throw random pro pots into so that they don’t bang around any given kit. I personally have about a dozen Z Palettes (including one full of Yaby eyeshadows that I keep promising to send to my little sister, but that I can’t seem to part with).

So imagine my delight when I found out that Z Palette continues to evolve, from the classic shapes and sizes, to bigger palettes that hold bigger pots, and smaller sizes specifically designed for cream products.

From the left: Large Dome Palette, Small Palette and Large Classic Palette
I depotted a few shadows, blushes, hightlighters and lipsticks, to illustrate the palette’s potential.
Large Dome Palette
Large Classic Palette
Small Palette
I was already a fan of these palettes. Now I’m an even bigger fan. The pots of the Small Palette are magnetic and removable (in case you want to put something else in there). Z Palette also offers little magnets that you  can pop in there (that are adhesive on one side) for pots that are not magnetic. 
Awesome. You can find out more about Z Palette HERE.

*pr sample

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