Make Up For Ever BLACK TANGO Palette

This turned out to be about as good as I expected it would. When I first heard about the Black Tango Palette, I wondered how MUFE would keep the Aqua Creams from drying out. Their solution: to put them in their own little pots, within a palette.

The creams are a black based burgundy, green and blue, and an ivory cream. What I was impressed by, is the fact that the shimmer is IN the cream. It’s distinct and subtle all at once. With the exception of the ivory, all of the creams behave and move like traditional MUFE Aqua Creams. I found the ivory formula a bit lacking. It skipped on the swatch, and didn’t hold up well without major blending.

That’s one swipe, using just my fingers. Even though the first three are black based colors, the intended shade comes through effortlessly. Overall, I like the palette. Just not a fan of the ivory color. We’ll see how practical those snap top containers are, for preserving the cream formula as time goes on. You can find out more about Make Up For Ever Black Tango Palette HERE.

4 Replies to “Make Up For Ever BLACK TANGO Palette”

  1. I played with this in Sephora and it's pretty nice. The ivory shade, like you said, is the only one that's lacking. I left it behind, though because I have similar colors and I really don't use them that much. I dig the packaging, though.

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