Your Questions: Answered

Hey Guys,

I decided to pull all the most common ’email’ questions and answer them all at once here. Hopefully, this will help put everyone on the same page regarding some of the general subjects.

Question: How do you pick a foundation?

Answer: Unless I’m shopping for my kit, I look for foundations with my personal skin needs in mind. I know that I have very oily skin, so I tend to stay away from cream foundations, formulas with ‘dewy’ finish or high moisture content. 

Question: How do you match your foundation?

Answer: I always test the area between my jawline and my neck. My face is lightest in the center, and darkest around the edges. If a foundation matches the ‘edges’ of my face, then I know it will work. It’s easier to bring a foundation ‘up’ in the center of the face (with highlighters) than it is to bring it ‘down’ around the edges. So I always use the edges of my face as a gauge. If I tested a foundation, say, on my nose or my forehead — I know that it would end up being too light for the rest of my face.

Question: How do you know if an eyeshadow or lipstick color will be flattering on you?

Answer: I don’t know that unless I try it. There are some lipstick colors that look wonderful in the tube. And then I put it on my lips and it’s gross city! So I always try to test a lip color on the back of my hand (which is darker than my face) to see just how far I can push a color. If it’s a nude color, then I test it to death before committing. I’ll put it on the back of my hand, then the inside of my forearm (which is lighter than my face) to see how the color translates on  both shades. My face is actually ‘in between’ those two colors, so if I can pull it off on the back of my hand, I know it’ll look good on my face.

Same with eyeshadow colors, and even blush colors. I do most of my ‘color testing’ this way.

Question: As a professional, how do you match skin tones on clients?

Answer: I can usually tell a general shade or undertone just by looking at a client’s bare skin. That skill comes with practice. If I’m completely stumped, then I’ll do a ‘cleaning’ trick that I learned from Make Up For Ever Guru David Hernandez. He taught me to ‘clean’ the skin with a wipe… and kind of press the skin to get a general feeling for the ‘shape’ and bone structure of a client. What I also found is, I can see what happens to the skin when I ‘distress it’ by pressing on it. If a person flushes cool pink, then I know I’m dealing with a cooler undertone. If I get a warmer flush, then I know I’m dealing with a warmer undertone. This trick is especially valuable when you’re dealing with a pale skin tone, with warm undertones. I worked on a woman who was alabaster white, but could wear some of the warmest ‘orange’ colors without looking sickly.

Question: When are you going to do Youtube tutorials?

Answer: I honestly don’t know. I feel like there are so many people out there doing tutorials, that my little two cents won’t really make a difference. Chalk it up to my journalism background; but I’m much more comfortable writing things than saying things. I also can’t imagine how much time I’d have to dedicate to such an endeavor. The few videos I watch are constantly being updated, and I know it takes time and patience to edit those videos and make them look good. I’m still thinking about it… so we’ll see.

Question: How long have you been married?

Answer: 7 years

Question: Do you have any children?

Answer: Yes. I have two dogs and a cat. LOL

Question: Have you ever thought about teaching a class on basic makeup application?

Answer: Yes. I can’t imagine anyone would attend though. I’m kidding. I’m still thinking about it. If I ever determine that there’s a real demand for it, then I’ll step to the front of a classroom.

So, those are the most common questions that I get emailed to me. Hopefully this clears things up a bit. 🙂 Ciao for now!

4 Replies to “Your Questions: Answered”

  1. If you made videos I'd be all over them. I love watching people apply makeup, especially when they know what they're doing. The only youtube channel I watch religiously is Pixiwoo. It would be nice to see someone my complexion showing how it's done. Oh, but no pressure or anything. 😉

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