Wrinkle Free w/ Wrinkle MD

The anti-aging market continues to evolve… from topical creams to full on injections, there are more ways to fight wrinkles than a little bit.

The folks at WrinkleMD have done something to straddle the line between your average anti-aging cream and your standard Botox injection…

They’re using new technology to ‘infuse’ your wrinkles with plumping ingredients, through ‘vibration.’

 The man behind the science is Matt Stevens. He boasts a history in preventive sciences, from Multiple Sclerosis to Acne Prevention. When I asked him about the effectiveness of this new treatment system, he told me that the vibration penetrates much deeper than a topical cream (although not as deep as an injection). Make sense.

I got to meet Matt over the weekend, at a WrinkleMD event at Fred Segal in Santa Monica. It was a VERY informative venture… I got to learn so much about the technology behind this new device.

I even tried the system out for myself…

It feels good. The system takes a few minutes to calibrate the sensitivity level of your skin, then gets to work. I felt a slight tingle and the faintest itch, but that’s about it. You wear it for 40 minutes (and you can do whatever while you’re wearing the patches… it’s totally portable), then peel the pads off, unplug ’em and toss ’em.

Afterward, my skin was ‘silken’ — and that device pushes the serum ‘toward’ wrinkles around your eyes (some folks even use it on their ‘parentheses’ and on the forehead). 

Your starter kit comes with 6 pads (30 day supply) and the vibrating device, which comes with a guarantee. Matt tells me they’re coming out with ‘rechargeable’ devices for the Holiday Season, so that’ll be good. Then you never have to stress about it losing power for some reason or another.

The whole shebang retails for $129. I like it. I love the idea that you can use it ‘in addition to’ whatever your regular beauty regimen is. Think of this as a weekly ‘booster.’

You can find out more about Wrinkle MD HERE.

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