Start your morning with Coffee… Scrub!

We have a confession to make. We are NOT fans of coffee. The kind you brew in the morning… the kind you can’t live without… the only way millions of people wish to start the day. Not us. Don’t like the taste. Never have. But the SMELL… now that’s a different story. Love the smell of coffee. So we wanted to share the way WE get ready for the day, with our own ‘Cup of Joe.’

Here’s the recipe for our Everyday Coffee Scrub:

1 cup of coffee beans, freshly ground
1/4 cup of Grapeseed Oil
1/8 cup of Rosewater

We just mix those ingredients together really quick, and slather the mix onto clean, damp skin. The grapeseed oil is highly penetrative and leaves our skin soft without feeling greasy. And the scent of hot coffee in the steamy shower gives us the impression of having that morning mug, without actually having to taste it.

Try it yourself and see how it works out for you. We love it… and we hope you do too!

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